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Advantages Of a Database Over a List

Mar 4, 2008
What kind of information should you seek from your sales prospects? Most marketers lay out lead capture pages but only capture a first name and an email address. At best, they may get a last name (if it's isn't bogus). This is what Internet marketers call their "list" and it applies to over 95% of all marketers online.

A list of this nature is only good for a single type of campaign; namely, an email campaign. While this works to a degree and has it's uses, it is prohibitive by nature. A list is simply that; a list and nothing more. As a marketer, you need to expand your thought processes beyond a single type of sales campaign.

What you should be going after is a database of contact information. A database will include most of, if not all, the following information.

1. First name
2. Last name
3. Gender
4. Date of birth
5. Address
6. City
7. State
8. Zip code
9. Phone number
10. Fax number
11. Email address
12. Marital status
13. MSN, Yahoo IM or AOL IM handle
14. A MySpace page address if applicable.

What can you do with this type of information? WOW! Where should I start first?

You can use the gender info to target your prospects with gender specific products. Women will probably appreciate a jewelry ad more than men.
The date of birth tells you the age and allows you to target age specific products. Things like music and posters or clothing will appeal more to young folks while vitamins may appeal to the older crowd

Getting a fax number opens the door to sending a fax to them promoting whatever you want. With a telephone number, you can place a call to them. Don't be a telemarketer, though. Just show your human side and appeal to theirs.

A first and last name lets you personalize ANY messages to that person. A simple "Hello, Carl" at the beginning of a message goes a long way towards gaining trust and credibility.

A physical address gives you the opportunity to send a piece of US mail to them with your promotion.

Now days with the advent of web 2.0, retrieving the IM handle can get you in direct contact with them quickly. This serves to prove you are a real human being just like them. If they have a MySpace page or account, add them to your friend list and send bulletins promoting your offer.

Even better, ask them to subscribe to your blog on MySpace and promote your offer(s) that way. It is subliminal and they have actively agreed to receive the information from you. NO SPAM!!

As you can see, there are a myriad of sales opportunities out there. All you need to do is get the contact information and know how to use it. The Internet has opened many doors for the marketing community. The best part is that the prospect GIVES you the contact information. So they are automatically "opted in" to receive your offer(s).

This is the best exposure that money cannot buy. It is totally free and waiting to be reaped!
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Srini Saripalli is a technologist, marketer & Success Coach. Referred by many as "Success Engineer", Srini specializes in Marketing & Sales Success. He shares his sales & Marketing strategies on Success Engineer and his blog
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