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Toksee...The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity Set to Launch

Mar 5, 2008
In a matter of weeks a new web 2.0 site will launch and quite possibly change the internet forever. Toksee is the new communication tool that will allow users to talk to and see their contacts online. It is a social network that focuses on things people are more passionate about.

Here are 5 factors that could ensure TokSee's success in the marketplace:

1) TokSee Capitalizes on the growing popularity of Web 2.0 sites: Here are the facts: Over 148 million people enter the Web 2.0 Marketplace every day. Sites like MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and many smaller "wanna be giants" are on the web. The numbers don't lie: Social media giant Facebook is currently Adding a million users over the age of 25 per week to their rosters - that's 52 million new users a year... YouTube.com gets over 50 million unique visitors per month... over half a billion a year... MySpace.com sees over 49 million unique visitors each month - over 1.6 million a day. As you can see social networking phenomenon is still gaining momentum.

2) Users can get the TokSee widget for free. The best word on the internet is "free". This will create a viral or word of mouth component that will quickly expand its user base.

3) Toksee will pay its free users. None of the other big social networking sites pay out much revenue to its end users. These sites are worth billions, but don't share the wealth. Toksee will pay members to do what they already do for free.

4) TokSee has the backing of a Publicly Traded Company. Wouldn't want amateurs making decisions for such an opportunity. The parent company, Intelecom, Inc (IECM) is a 10 year old company that also markets VOIP around the world.

5) The TokSee Opportunity is currently in Pre-launch. As you know, timing is everything. You have the opportunity to position yourself to take advantage of the tens of millions of new users who will be jumping on board the TokSee free platform. Remember this platform pays every users a portion of the advertising and upgrade revenue.
About the Author
Mark Hall wants to share an chance to profit from the Internet's next Billion Dollar Company, TokSee . His TokSee site is creating a lot of interest as 23% of the people who visited his site signed up as free users.
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