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Differentiate Generic Marketing Lead From Qualified MLM Network Lead

Mar 5, 2008
If you can believe the hype propagated on the Internet, large quantities of leads are the lifeblood of the network marketing business. It does not matter if you are involved in multi level marketing (MLM) or any other kind of marketing network endeavor; the failure to generate leads is most commonly equated with the failure of the business venture while success in generating these leads is considered the surefire way of succeeding in the business of your choice. Even though there is a kernel of truth to this school of thought, it leaves out a most important object lesson and caveat: to differentiate generic marketing leads from qualified MLM network leads.

An unqualified lead is anyone and everyone you might meet on the street. Complete strangers whom you hand a business card in passing are unqualified leads. Your family and circle of friends are perhaps the best examples of unqualified leads! They could be leads simply because out of love and respect for you they will permit you to give them your sales presentation, but they are unqualified in that they have not actually expressed an interest in the product you are selling or the company you are representing. Do not misunderstand: there is a chance that any lead, no matter how generic and unqualified, may be turned into a qualified lead, yet this is a time consuming process that relies on the skill, product knowledge and determination of the network marketer.

On the flipside of this coin is the qualified lead. Usually it is a person who has sought out you or your website to get more information about the product you are selling, the service you are providing and also the business you are representing. Similarly, a qualified lead is someone who is familiar with the network marketing industry and wants to become involved but might still be searching for just the right niche to buy into. Such leads are worth their weight in gold! Does this mean that each and every qualified lead will turn into a customer or down line candidate? By no means! As a matter of fact, the individual may decide that your product or business and she or he simply do not represent a good fit. Fledgling marketers may also turn off qualified leads because of incompetence. Yet by and large marketing to a qualified lead is a lot easier than trying to turn a generic lead into a qualified one.

Thus it is a questionable practice for the beginning marketer to purchase leads sights unseen. Nine times out of ten this transaction will cost a fair amount of money and net the marketer generic leads, such as may have been generated with a "make money while you sleep ad" or similar promotions. Conversely, purchasing qualified leads is a lot more expensive yet also an investment well worth making! These leads are usually collected during network marketing seminars when individuals are being introduced to the concept and express interest in learning more about the industry or the wellness aspect thereof. Yet keep in mind that even if you differentiate generic marketing lead from qualified MLM network lead and not spend even one penny on an unqualified lead, you may still not close the deal! There is no guarantee in network marketing, only a leg up.
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