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How To Write Your First Own eBook?

Mar 5, 2008
The first step in the process of writing an eBook is to find a good topic. This means a problem, a popular concern or any information many people are interested in or even better, are willing to purchase.

Remember that people are surfing on the Internet, most of time looking for (good) information. In short they have a problem they want to resolve. They want a solution. So our first step as authors is to find out what are these problems or needs.

The very second step is then to provide solutions or at least useful information about this chosen topic. That is logical. The best scenario is when people are passionate about their problems. Because we all know that passionate people are like a starving crowd. They are eager to learn more about the latest tips and trends as far as their passion is concerned.

But the question remains: what are people interested in? What are they looking for? In order to find out we have many tools at our disposal such as forums, surveys, keywords search, social sites or discussion groups like YahooGroups.

As soon as we start doing our research, we should focus on the information which is popular online. We should find out what people are looking for. Most of the time is it about the How To stuff. How to do something, improve something or get rid of something.

The How To thing can be a very simple task. The Video Professor is for example a very simple yet effective concept. They teach you all the little things like How To use your software or program like Word, Excel, Photoshop or FrontPage. As simple as you may find it, this business is yet doing $150 million a year.

The key here is to provide solutions or How To strategies to simple and yet real problems people are having. This is what The Video Professor is doing well. This business model is excellent... to model.

So now that we have a topic people are interested in, we have to do the research to find out all the main problems and questions linked to this subject because there are generally many problems in any field. We need to find at least ten to fifteen needs or concerns about our chosen topic in order to transform them into ten to fifteen chapters in our eBook.

Every chapter should be divided into three to five paragraphs. We now have our table of content. In every chapter we should provide all the information we have gathered. We should answer to the main question of each chapter.

We must have in mind the interest of the reader which is once again finding a solution to their problem. We should give them as much valuable information as possible but in a simple language. We should suppose that we are talking to a ten year old child. The truth is the more we understand a subject the more we can explain it very simply. This is the main reason why teaching is the best way to learn.

Back to our topic, let us suppose that we have 13 chapters. In each chapter we have 3 sub-chapters. Each sub-chapter is let us say, 4 pages long. Our eBook has then 156 pages. This is more than enough for a digital book. I personally do not read more than 100 pages at a time online. Congratulations, you now have your first eBook written.
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