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Emergency Motivation--Finding the Guts to Do It

Mar 5, 2008
A couple days ago my job kicked my butt. Everybody, it seems, chose that particular day to come running to me with their hair on fire. "I need this done immediately!" "What do you mean, you're booked up through next week!? I needed to be there yesterday!" I felt like the world's punching bag.

Once home, I started my computer, looked at my prospecting list. All my demons then appeared. They showed themselves in the form of the lady's voice from a previous night who, when I asked if she was still looking to go into business for herself, screamed obscenities at me and hung up.

My demons pointed out my less-than-perfect voice and phone posture. Every call I flubbed, every stammer, every unsmooth prospecting call I ever made set up residence close to me that evening. It would have been so easy. I wanted to grab a bag of Dorito's and watch TV.

Instead, I opened My Pictures and viewed the home near the beach that would one day be mine. I smelled the ocean air, heard the waves crash. I felt the paintbrush in my hand as I spent the entire morning in my art studio. I remembered why I do this.

A very wise man once said,"Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the mood in which it was made has left you." Carrying that torch naked through a monsoon, however, can be a little tricky. You need tools.

Use anger. Channel its potentially negative energy into acts you couldn't do otherwise. Maybe it's just me, but anger seems to lurk around almost every corner, and its power moves mountains.

Look for anger on the job. If you're like me, you won't have to look far. Ask yourself, "Do I still want to be here in five years?" Use the negative experiences at work to propel yourself in your Network Marketing. You have to make the pain of the present outweigh the pain of lifting the 700 pound phone repeatedly every evening.

Use anger to get even. Even without words, you probably know some who think you waste your time marketing and prospecting. Their lack of interest says it all. Fight hell to prove them wrong. Imagine even one of these losers saying, "I told you so". I don't know about you, but that thought alone keeps me in the trenches day after day.

Motivate yourself with fear. Remind yourself, even if you enjoy a comfortable life right now, it could vanish in a heartbeat. Terms like downsizing, cutting back, and decreased job security affect us all, and show us what a tenuous grasp we have on that comfort. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Financial independence means just that. Your comfort no longer rests in the hands of others who may not have your best interests at heart. You now hold the reins, and control the direction you want your life to go. Fear can get you there.

Fear stagnation. Who doesn't want to grow? I remember working a temporary job where I made about eight buck an hour. The management consisted of tyrants, and the monotonous tasks turned the workers into zombies.

I worked alongside individuals who were permanent employees, meaning they made about 19 bucks an hour. They did the same job as I did, under the same dictatorial conditions. The difference is, I could quit whenever I wanted, and eventually I did.

These poor souls, however, allowed themselves to become trapped in this dungeon. Most possessed no other job skills or education, so quitting was not an option. They had mortgages, car payments, and children to consider. In my view, their lives were flat and unchanging. Many still work there today.

Many use desire to keep their motivation going. If you can focus on your end result for even a few minutes each day, you'll be able to do what you need to do. Before I begin prospecting each evening, I ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" I then look at some motivational pictures, and sometimes listen to music before touching the phone.

You might not be able to control what happens on the outside, but you command your inner world. Nobody can force you to think a certain way.

Pain and pleasure motivate humans more than anything else. In fact, if you think about any change you've made in the past, there's a good chance you changed because the present situation was too painful, or the future situation held more pleasure.

Of these two, I find pain is the stronger. Others say pleasure motivates them more. Whatever your prime motivator might be, find it and use it.
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