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The Key To Writing Up To Ten Articles A Day For Article Marketing

Mar 5, 2008
Writing consistently is the key of writing up to ten, or more articles a day. Ok, that is all there is to it - almost. Consistency is a mindset action. It is a stick-with-it mentality that all successful people know because they practice this principle and found it works for them.

Article marketing is the same action. If you only write three or four articles and not see anything different, you were not really giving this method of marketing a real chance. There are many Internet marketers that use article marketing to make a living. They make a living at this because they stayed on course and consistently kicked out articles to submit.

Article writing for profit is not that difficult to learn to do. It takes a willingness and mindset to give this proven method a chance to work. In order for article marketing to work, you have to do a lot of it to generate the traffic and realize the profit from it. An average of one article a day will be a focus. More articles will speed up the whole process for you.

A short few months ago, someone was marketing a new website that had not even launched yet. Using SEO and creating up to 8 articles per day to submit to different article submission sites, he had most of his articles popping up on Googles search under the first page, sometimes in the first, second and third ranking positions.

Within a month, this person had so many articles dominating Google for his keywords that when the marketing site launched, he realized an awful lot of income just in the first week. Yes, this is a true story. This paid off for one simple fact, he generated the articles needed to create his market.

The key to creating so many articles about the same topic is quite simple. Make a bullet list of headings to cover about the subject. Call them steps, or tip lists when writing the articles. For each different article, change the tip list around a bit and word the headings for each tip a little differently.

From the tip list, fill in the information. Be unique and not copy word for word from your other articles about the topic. Use differently worded titles for every article you are creating.

Of course, you are going to be going over almost the same material again and again. What makes each article submission possible is that you are giving the same information, but each article is unique in itself. This is all that is required to submit your articles!

You can also give every article on the same topic a different slant, a different unique take and then call it your own. Many article marketing wizards use this trick very effectively and make a more then decent living from this method.

Working any new marketing campaign, using article marketing as the vehicle, takes a lot of work at first. If you pay attention to the skills you learned to write articles for article marketing, it will pay off if you are consistently creating the juice to fuel the fire.
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