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The Quick Fix On Myspace Backgrounds

Mar 5, 2008
Understand that if tried to search through some of the millions of MySpace profile pages on the MySpace website site, you will find first off that each page has its own back ground per page. As die hard MySpace members will find that it is very easy to add and change their very own unique background for their page.

Now if you are trying to be real creative and come up with your own personal style for your background, you can easily create it and add it into your MySpace page. As all you need is to find a style of back ground to match your style from one of the many resource sites like Spacedoutcodes or pimpmypage and you can be off and running in the area of finding a great personal background for your MySpace page.

But not everyone thinks like this, and so they choose to change up their pictures or what not but all the while keeping their background the same. As this also works some of the time, and is kind of the same as painting the walls in your home white and finding different pieces of colored furniture to bring character to the room.

If however you want to change the background for your MySpace page to something that you and even your friends might want to have as their background or what is also know as a layout, and you do not have the least idea about what HTML is or even how to go about coding in HTML, there is a solution at hand. And you can start be google searching myspace layouts and then go ahead and take your pick.

After picking the background of your choice and copying the HTML code that is provided on the website that has the background that you like, you will then take the code that you have copied and then go into the edit profile area of the myspace website only after logging on into your account.

Now after going to the edit profile section located in the upper left hand corner of the the home page and after entering the edit profile link you will then go to the about me section and place the HTML code that you have copied and paste it to the About Me section and the save. Upon saving go and view your profile and make sure that it look the way that you want it and if it isnt to your liking then go ahead and find a more suitable background and repeat these steps as many times as you like.
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