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You Want To Start A Home Business? Discover 4 Attraction Marketing Secrets That Earn Big Money!

Mar 5, 2008
Those who are involved in any type of MLM/direct sales program know just how important marketing is for any type of success. The trouble is that most people don't know how to market successfully and 'stay in the game' long enough to turn a profit.

After spending thousands of dollars, not to mention hours, they give up because they are putting out more than what they are getting back. It's time to stop doing what doesn't work and start looking into what does work --attraction marketing.

Your ability to become irresistible to your prospect is what determines whether or not a person says "I want to join YOU." When you have a few key elements in place you will boost your attractiveness and kick up the notch of people who decide they want to join you.

Four ways to make yourself more attractive in network marketing and direct sales are:

1. Share value with other people. Value could be a number of things; knowledge, education, know-how, advice. Basically anything that shows you are a person that has valuable information to share and are willing to go that extra mile to reach out. Some ways to become attractive are by spending time in forums answering questions, creating videos on YouTube that show people how to do something or give helpful advice on marketing, personal development etc.

2. Never quit growing and improving yourself. Join a generic mastermind community where you can grow with other entrepreneurs who are not in competition with you. When you are constantly educating yourself and becoming better at what you do...you increase your own value. As your own value increases, you now have more value to share with other people, and they will be attracted to you more. Always stay on top of as many trends in your industry as possible so you can be ready to share them with your prospects/clients.

3. Develop a branded marketing system that will not only assist your team but present you as a leader that people can know, like and trust. People join other people for two reasons only. They either see that person as a leader who has tremendous value to offer, or they see you as someone who has a system, tools and resources that will assist them in reaching their goals. Ever heard the saying, 'those who sell the picks and shovels make all the money?'

4. Brand yourself first and foremost by providing tools, resources and training on the front-end and then back end people into your primary direct sales or MLM business. This is a brilliant way to create great trust and attract people towards you who will be bending over backwards to join you in whatever you promote. People rarely join a business because of the product, it's because of YOU and how attractive they perceive you to be. There is only one YOU in this world. Brand You, Inc.

5. Integrate a "Funded Proposal" into your marketing funnel. What is a funded proposal you might be asking? A funded proposal is a business model that sells an entry product on the front-end that pre-sells prospects on your main program, product or service. For example, if you were promoting a direct sales/MLM opportunity you could require all your leads to fill out an application in order to work with you for $30 to $50 (I'd also recommend including some type of bonus to further urge your prospect to take action.) By doing this you create instant cash-flow for yourself that will fund the marketing of your business and keep you in the game long enough to turn a profit. The other benefit is you separate those who are serious (applicants) from those who are tire-kickers. Get creative and implement a funded proposal into your business plan today!
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Dustin Callahan is a full-time marketer who has taught over thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of attraction marketing techniques. See his powerful attraction marketing system in action at: Attraction Marketing Genius.
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