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Product Launching And Purely Perfect Profitability

Mar 5, 2008
Should you apologize for the prices you have to charge online? I suppose that all depends on the reasons for your pricing structure.

Many new online business owners feel as though they need to apologize for the price they affix to a product or service.

In some cases the individual has made the item they specialize in for gifts or special occasions prior to business launch. They often view this as an act of love. They derive great pleasure in creating the item or performing the service.

The problem comes in the translation from beloved hobby to business. The process starts with great enthusiasm as the individual begins to see a market for something they have always had fun doing. As orders roll in the dynamics of business begin to settle in.

In some cases long hours are put in to fulfill orders and there are always more orders to be taken care of. At the end of the month the business owner may compare the total hours worked with the profit derived from sales. There are some cases where the business owner finds they have made less than minimum wage and have worn themselves out in the process.

When a fledgling business gets to this point the joy of the hobby rapidly fades away. The business that held such promise and hope moves to full on drudgery. Sometimes the business is closed while the owner determines they could never keep up the pace they perceive is needed to make the business work.

On the other hand there are those that charge an inflated price for their products and fade from view because the pricing structure is more than the market will bear.

In both cases these individuals did not take a realistic snap shot of their business potential.

The profit margin for any business has to be based on the time involved in product creation, marketing, availability and a multitude of other factors.

For instance in a scenario where the business has to purchase a product from a third party to sell they may need to take into consideration the truth that other online locations will also be selling the product so they need to take any suggested manufacturer price into consideration in order to be competitive. This can also help in knowing at what point a seasonal product can be consigned to the clearance section of the website.

For my friends that handcraft one of a kind items there needs to be an artistic fee associated with quality work. What that ultimately means is that there may be fewer total items created, but the price per item can allow an improved profit margin and more realistic hours involved in product creation.

In this second scenario it is possible that the joy of creating can remain long-term when there is a positive blend of hobby and business.

In order for any business to succeed a realistic approach to product pricing is not only imperative it can also provide the best chance for you to actually enjoy the pace and profit of your online trade.
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