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How To Make 10k A Month As An Affiliate

Mar 5, 2008
There was an insightful post over at Warrior Forum today called "How I Do Over 10K in ClickBank Sales Every Month."

I know you're salivating but hold up just one sec. You got to hear this, I promise.

While it's good stuff, you'll find "just another method to make a lot of money online." If you're like I was at one point, each time you see a new method of making money online, you quit what you're doing now (like you did the last 5 projects) and try this new magical method.

What you're doing right now likely works. Even if it's not working for you yet, chances are it's made more money for someone else than you can dream.

If you continue half-trying great ways to make money on the net, it's like you keep trading in your clunker for a new clunker. When really you can send your clunker to the guys at MTV's Pimp My Ride and have a great car if you stick with what you're doing.

The KEY is to use all of these new great teachings you learn and apply them to what you're doing now. Like with Amy's post, you can use the ideas with the keyword bidding to build your list. Create a landing page, use keywords that will target the right audience for what you have to promote, and make your current business work for you.

If you jump from one business opp to another like a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad, you're not going to ever make it to the other side of the bank. Instead, stay on the lily pad you're on and work on riding it smoothly to the other bank. (Dumb metaphor, but gets the point across doesn't it?) Stick with what you're doing this time.

Products and posts like these that Amy at Warrior Forum made (although she doesn't mean it I'm sure)... They make it seem like it's easy to make 10k per month online. Reality check. You could use Amy's method and make only $100 per month or much worse lose 10k per month.

Quit Thinking "Magical Appeal" and Think "Realistic Appeal"

* Article Marketing

Common Magical Appeal: Buy my article marketing course now! Imagine your articles effortlessly circulating the internet like a wild fire! The money will pour in with ease! Just like John Fillmore who makes over 20k per month just by article marketing, you can too! Order now!

Positive: When someone reads your article and enjoys it, you've already pre-sold them before they visit your website in your bio box. You can generate enough traffic with article marketing alone to run a six-figure online business.

Negative: It's time-consuming writing articles, you have to learn the art, and your article may never get picked up by another publisher and it might not rank high in the search engines. It might have been a complete waste of time.

You say: "Wow. That article marketing must be something special. I'm doing everything all wrong, so I think I'll stop working the search engines and viral marketing and focus only on article marketing."

Reality: Article marketing isn't like working a 9 to 5 job. It's not like... if you weed eat the ditch for 8 hours then you'll get paid $80. Your article could get picked up by another publisher, or it might not. It could drive significant traffic to your site, or it might not. If you don't know what you're doing and you don't put in about 1,000 hours writing, then you'll never really get good at writing articles. Article marketing is like planting seeds (as Mike Filsaime says), because at first the articles won't likely produce much of anything, but after a while your articles could develop into a green lawn of traffic and conversions.

The reality of Amy's post is that yeah, you can do well, but you can also lose so much money that you could have used it to feed your family for a year.

Now, when you're writing copy or selling to your list, the magical appeal sells. LOL... That's just nature and that's why you're all into this magical appeal. Problem is you get nowhere when you choose magical appeal over realistic appeal.
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