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The Key to Accumulating Wealth

Mar 5, 2008
From the time Dan Kuschell was a child growing up in inner Detroit, he always wanted to play baseball. He thought sports would be his way out of poverty. His baseball wish came true, but ended in the first season due to an arm injury. With his career crushed, Dan decided to go back to school. He wanted to teach others.

For two years, Dan volunteered as a college baseball coach. He was a very shy person, so surprisingly he dove into the world of direct marketing after coaching. For the next ten years, he would attend over 100 seminars. He took every home study course he could find. It was a major struggle for him, but with the help of a few mentors, Dan found success at last!

Today, Dan Kuschell teaches individuals and companies about a fundamental concept that he calls a magnetic prosperity catcher or Prosperity Formula. It's three simple questions: "What am I grateful for right now?", "What am I happy about right now?" and "What have I done well today?" Dan encourages people to do as he's done, and write ten answers to each of these questions in the morning and at night.

Dan Kuschell has a very successful group of businesses that grosses over $20 million per year. Using the original trio of questions, he came up with his "Three Pillars for Success". They are mindset, marketing mastery, and communication mastery. It's very important to have a proper mindset before venturing into something, because success hinges on your belief in yourself.

The way to get started isn't always as simple as marketing an eBook, but the concept is somewhat the same. You have to start with something that costs very little (or nothing) to produce, something that is of great value to someone else, and sell it for a large profit. Whether it's a free list of quality email addresses you've accumulated, an inexpensive book, or an expensive training course, you have to have the right mindset, and you must market effectively.

One of Dan Kuschell's best marketing tools is one that he himself had a hard time using at first: giving away your best product or service for free. It seems like a crazy idea! If you give away your best, what will you have left for profit later? Why would people come back for more if they've already been handed what they want?

The answer is database growth! When you give away something great, your database will grow very quickly and easily, and you'll have quality contacts. If you give away something of no value, people will assume you have nothing to offer them. When you give away your best, it will force you to keep brainstorming new profitable ideas for the future.

Through Dan Kuschell's program Prosperity Based Living, people can learn in only seven days about wealth accumulation, prosperity, and abundance. Every day, people are turning their dreams into reality whether those dreams are financial in nature, or whether they're mental, physical, social, or spiritual. You can accumulate wealth if you have the right tools: mindset, marketing mastery, and communication mastery.
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