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Buying A Website That's Easy To Manage

Mar 6, 2008
Buying a website is about more than considering the graphic design skills, and technical skills of the web design company. In today's fast paced online economy, website owners need an easy to manage website where there are NO HTML SKILLS needed for making changes.

Did you know that a recent survey revealed that 2/3s of people would be unlikely to trade with a company that did not have a website?

A website makes a company appear professional, whilst for many; this is a major tool for attracting and maintaining a customer base.

With the rise in importance of the web, many potential customers see the internet as their first port of call, for fresh, up-to-date information. Despite this, a large percentage of web pages are neither up-to-date, nor relevant to today.

A reason for this is that when businesses are buying a website, they fail to address the issue of how they are going to manage website content.

It may cost anywhere from $30-$100 to have alterations completed on a website, so without the in-house resources many companies opt to leave their website outdated, and irrelevant to their current product and service offerings.

Out-of-date and poorly managed websites will not reflect your current brand communications, and may inaccurately reflect pricing or the products and services that a company introduces as it evolves.

With the rise in demand for unique content, businesses have to ensure their website is current and relevant should they wish to ensure that traffic will arrive at their website via the search engine results pages.

In today's internet economy, where attaining back-links to your website is crucial, being able to offer current and unique advisory content can be a highly effective manner through which to promote a website.

In order to achieve this, businesses need to be buying an easy to manage website with no HTML skills needed. Through having an easy to manage website businesses will be able to approach internet marketing and promotion with an unfair advantage over their competitors.

You can have a website where you log-in and make changes in real-time. You can upload images, alter text and add pages. You can target words and phrases that you want to target so your customers can find you through the search engines such as http://google.com, http://yahoo.com and http://msn.com.

If for example your company provides accounting services, including terms such as "accounting" and "bookkeeping" within your website content will help to ensure positive results.

Another advantage of an easy to manage website is that should this company diversify into "business consultancy" for example then they will be able to cost effectively add information regarding this to their website.

Having an admin-section is imperative for those buying a website and it is also important to clarify that there is no HTML skills needed. Through being able to log-in to your website, it will be possible to represent your company as an innovator and a source of knowledge through your easy to manage website. ACPSEOPN
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