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How to Succeed at Bum Marketing

Mar 6, 2008
Every once in a while, a marketing system comes along that is rather revolutionary. For people who are able to get in on the ground floor of these marketing systems, they can make a lot of money while they are still very lucrative. Eventually, these systems tend to get over saturated with people, especially if these methods are particularly easy to implement. There are times, however, when a type of marketing is available that will be around for a very long time. Bum marketing is one of these systems.

Perhaps you are somewhat familiar with bum marketing and you realize that it is something that you are going to be able to do for yourself. Even if you know the basics, you may still not be able to realize the level of success that some people have without implementing a few techniques. These particular techniques are not necessarily talked about in the open, simply because they work well and nobody wants them to be saturated. There are a few simple things that you can do, however, to really make your bum marketing efforts pay off.

Before we get into the tricks of the trade, so to speak, let me give a quick run down on what bum marketing is. It is actually a marketing technique in which articles are written in such a way that they rank well in the search engines for certain keywords. The keywords that they write for are typically known as longtail keywords, a term which basically means a keyword phrase of three or more words. Because there is not as much competition for these longtail keyword phrases, it is usually an easy thing for you to get an article listed at the top of the search engines if they contain those phrases. That's really all that there is to it.

The real secrets lie in the type of things that you can do to further promote your articles and to get them to the top of the search engine listings. Some of these things would include getting links back into the specific articles or even to a directory of your articles from well respected websites. Google absolutely loves Web 2.0 websites such as Squidoo and Digg. Although it may take some time to implement, the rewards are well worth the effort. All it takes is a specific game plan and a little inside knowledge of how to get this done.

If you are really interested in taking your bum marketing efforts to the next level, you certainly will want to find out all that there is to know about this amazing way of marketing articles. Just as with anything, continued growth of your knowledge is an important part in making sure that you stay ahead of the learning curve. As more and more people come onto the scene and try their hand at bum marketing, it will be more difficult for you to rank well for your articles. Don't allow their efforts to spoil your own. Continue to learn and stay ahead of the pack and you will continue to earn.
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