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How To Get Ahead In Your Career By Using Your Name

Mar 6, 2008
As an employee, we fight to get noticed in the workplace, because if we are not noticed, then we won't get promoted or get paid our dues for a job well done. As a business, we fight to get our product or service noticed in the marketplace. It doesn't matter how good your product is - if people don't see it, hear it or know about it, well, they can't buy it.

Or even in love, we fight to get noticed by the people we yearn for, because if they don't even know we exist or know next to nothing about us, we simply don't stand a chance. Thus in every aspect of our life, being noticed in all the right ways is always a good thing. To do so, we constantly look for new, better and more effective ways of getting ourselves known and making the world aware of our existence.

One of the best new ways to do this, and certainly one way that the people of the world will soon be sitting up and taking note of, is by getting a domain name that is your own name, e.g. "www.YourName.com", and setting up a Blog on it. You will be blogging about your passion/interest/expertise regularly at your own domain.

Since Blog postings are picked up by Search Engines, you will literally exponentially multiply your opportunities to get noticed and as a result, massively increase your prominence all around the world! After all, not everyone has their own domain, so you automatically lock yourself into the mind of the other person as "someone special" even though your contacts can do the same thing but because they don't know how, you have an advantage.

In addition, blogging is as easy as typing an e-mail and clicking on the "Send" button in your e-mail program, except you're not typing an e-mail but anything you like, and you'll be clicking on the "Publish" button in your Blog program instead whereupon whatever you've written is instantly seen on your Blog, live on the Internet. Getting a domain name and Blogging are easy to do, and very inexpensive to set up (it'll cost you less than a dinner for two a month) - but most people don't know that. When this happens, you gain an advantage over your peers who don't do this because they don't know how to do it!

Here are the other advantages of having a domain name that is your name that contains a Blog for you to add your thoughts to on a regular basis:

1. You Gain Prominence In Your Field
When you Blog on your career (doctor, lawyer, musician etc.) or your skills (carpentry, knitting, sculpting etc.), people from all over the world who visit your domain will automatically associate you as an expert in your field.

2. You Stand Out In A Job Interview
Sifting through hundreds of applications for a job position, a prospective interviewer can't help but notice the resume where the applicant has his own website that is his own name, like www.Applicant'sName.com, and he has his own personal e-mail address like Applicant'sFirstName@Applicant'sName.com!

3. You Gain Business Clout
If you are a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman, a carpenter or an artist, with your own Blog that is regularly updated with your knowledge and thoughts, you automatically become more trustworthy, professional and reliable. A domain that is made up of your own name simply gives your small one-man show a boost into appearing as a bigger, more professional "organization", by default.

In Summary:

If not being noticed is what's holding you back, or you simply think its time that you step up your game and start moving up the ladder, then it's about time you get yourself your personalized domain and start putting up your knowledge and thoughts on your Blog.

Thousands of individuals around the world are already doing it, quietly. It's now your turn!
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