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Selling Homes Online: Real Estate Website Tools

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet is a tool that almost every business uses to promote, advertise, and sell the good points about their company. The real estate world is not exempt from this. With the correct real estate website tools, you can make your own realtor page as simplistic and straightforward or as impressive and detailed as you want it to be. The Internet is the new and different way to sell anything in our culture today.

There are four major components that need to be included with your real estate website tools. Each agent that works for your company should have their own page, complete with picture and possibly awards given to them. This is only a concern because many potential clients will relate more to your company if they have a face to put with it. The second real estate website tool is custom pages. These can be tailored to fit anything that you see as productive. If you want one of your custom pages to be labeled "Homes over $1,000,000," than that's your prerogative. More than likely, though, you will want to save this group of pages for more important things, like satisfied customer testimonials or even pictures of homes that you represent.

You will want to fill your realty website with as much original content and information that you possibly can. In the world of cyberspace, storage space is not an issue. In cyberspace, information and pictures do not take up valuable space as they would in a photo album or a brochure. A helpful tip to remember is this: if a potential client cannot find what they are looking for on your page, they will likely go to other pages until they find the answer to what they are looking for. Chances are, they will either use that site's owner as their realtor. Statistics show that prospective clients who do their research online end up using a real estate agent more often than not. Also, the more content a web page has, the higher its odds of being ranked higher in the search engines. This is called search engine optimization. This simply means that your company's page has a better chance of being viewed by the average person doing their real estate research on the Internet.

There are other aspects to consider when creating your company's real estate website tools, too. People who are in the market for a new home want pictures. They don't just want pictures of the front of the house taken on a cloudy day from inside your car. They want pictures of the inside, the backyard, and the views. With your page's capacity, having many pictures of the houses you have listed will be beneficial to the potential client. It also keeps clients browsing your site for a longer period of time. Remember, the longer they stay at your site the more likely they are to choose you as their realtor.

Finally, when considering your real estate website tools, you should also mention local information associated with each listed house. Most customers who are looking for a new home consider the area in which they want to live. The locality of their home is more important than the home itself in some instances. Giving them information about the local dining spots, school systems, and shopping centers may prove beneficial to your website and your company's success.
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Andy West is a freelance writer for American Home Pros. Visit http://americanhomepros.com/state/101/realtor-tools.html to learn more about Real Estate Website tools for displaying your real estate listings.
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