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Trying To Compare Breakdown Services Online?

Mar 6, 2008
When you go online to search for Vehicle Breakdown Cover, are you just concerned with the price or are you looking for a website that you can trust, with clear, concise, quality information that allows you to make an informed decision?

I fully appreciate that online prices are attractive, but from the feedback I receive, many people do not benefit from booking online at all. The most common reason given to me is that of confusion - they get confused with the process of booking Breakdown Cover online and do not follow it through. What this means is that some people remain without any cover at all and leave themselves in a very vulnerable position.

While I realise that many people do book Breakdown Cover online, I also suspect that thousands book the wrong level of cover for themselves; they find out later when they actually break down that they require Roadside Assistance or a higher level of cover.

Whichever company you use, you wouldn't be very happy if, at the exact time you need a specific service, you were told 'Oh, sorry but you're not covered for that'. It might come as a shock, but it happens to more people than you'd care to think. So, the cover you book online has to be sufficient for your needs.

There are many products that are obviously the same but available at different prices and it's with these products that the internet can be useful. However, it's not easy for everyone to differentiate between certain products or services simply by checking the online information. It can get very confusing and it sometimes helps to be able to speak to an expert.

With Breakdown Cover Providers, the quality of service you get from the various companies can differ so much that it can have such a huge impact on the outcome of your breakdown situation.

Just take a moment, if you would, and imagine that you're in a breakdown situation and you've just called your chosen breakdown service provider. Now, my guess is that you would expect someone to come and help who would be fully trained and more than capable of diagnosing the fault, and then probably repairing your vehicle.

But how could you tell this will happen from the information given online? I'll give you a clue - on most sites you won't find it. They don't tell you that they send someone who can't repair your vehicle! That they send someone to load you onto a recovery truck and get you to a local garage. This is what some providers do, but they don't tell you this up-front!

So, how do you distinguish between all the online sites? Well, I suggest that you should always to talk to an expert. There is no substitute for talking to someone who knows the business inside out.

Anyone properly trained in this field is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and as a result, will be obligated to ask certain key questions in order to assess the correct level of cover of you. They will also offer you the chance to join a company which employs fully trained technicians who take pride in providing an excellent service.
About the Author
Les Shaw operates in the UK as a 'Face to Face' agent representing RAC Motoring Services, providing Breakdown Cover to the UK public.
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