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Get A New Job With An Electrical Certification

Mar 6, 2008
Electricians are specially trained individuals who are able to design, construct and work with electrical systems. There are specialisms within the field of electronics that professionals can focus their training on. Examples of the different types of electrician you could train to be include; construction or building electricians, appliance electricians and radio electricians. In many instances electricians and electrical engineers are strongly associated.

Before deciding if being an electrician is the path you would like to take in life you may need to know some terminology in order to help establish what type of electrician you would like to become. For instance, in contrast to "outside linemen" who work for utility companies and provide services on phone or electrical lines outside, electricians are often referred to as "Inside Wiremen" due to their focus on interior electrical systems.

These Inside Wiremen are construction or building electricians. People who specialize in lighting in theatres are also termed "electricians". However, these workmen are not trained or hold a license in the electrical vocation and have unique skills compared to those who are. As shown above, the term "electrician" applies to anyone who works with wired mechanisms or systems.

There is certain training that needs to be completed in order to become an electrician and there are regulations that need to be understood and followed. These regulations are the foundation of a solid career in the profession. Electricians who have gone through, and completed, a training programme then go on to do a three to five year apprenticeship under the direct guidance of a Journeyman Electrician. This is someone who is under the supervision of a Master Electrician.

During the education provided you learn Electrical Theory and Electrical Building Codes. When training under the supervision of the Journeyman you will be required to learn all the phases of electrical installation, multiple construction styles, the dynamics of electrical performance, and the maintenance of all equipment. The Master Electrician who supervises the Journeyman begins as a Journeyman himself and has at least two years experience beyond that of a Journeyman. They have knowledge of the design of electrical networking and also their layout and estimation.

All fully trained electricians are expected to have a license with a specialization in at least one important area of electronic systems. This specialization could be in low-voltage current-carrying conductors, high-voltage main connections, or homeowner electrical systems. Whichever type of license you hold, you will be regularly inspected under the articles of the US National Electrical Code (if you are a US citizen) or the UK IEE Wiring Regulations (if you are a UK citizen).

Without electricians societies would not be able to live as they do today. These training stages and the licensing processes must be carried out so that you, the electrician, are well-trained in your craft. This is very important as electricians control the world's power.
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