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Beat Your Rivals with Affiliate Website Marketing

Mar 6, 2008
When you start affiliate marketing you want it is be simple and quick to profit. But if you take a little more time you will be able to keep earning longer.

A good example of where taking more time pays off is in affiliate website marketing. To be a success with affiliate website marketing you need to find a competitive niche market with some suitable products or services, preferably three or more.

With affiliate website marketing, you don't need to advertise

Then, instead of advertising on Adwords, which is one way of affiliate marketing, you build an information website about the topic. Ideally, this will include reviews of some of the products, and a recommendation of one of them. There will also be several articles about the topic in general.

Then, you build your site, make sure it is optimized for the search engines, and you can make money without spending on advertising.

How would this work? Well, let's say you found a good affiliate product in the weight loss niche. Well, it would be very easy to find three or four products that compete with one another, and by reading the sales letters you will be able to get a good idea of what the products are like. Ideally, you would buy the one you would promote.

You could write one article recommending this product, saying why it is better than these other ones. Then, you would also write a page about the other ones, and each page would have an affiliate link.

In addition, you would need at least five articles on aspects of weight loss. However, these will need to be specialised, so that they do not compete with the big products out there. Examples might be:

How I lost 20 pounds with the XYZ diet plan for life
Health dangers of being overweight
Why you should avoid diets
Diets and Pregnant Women
and so on

Weight loss is a highly competitive market, where there are thousands of products, so it is not a market I recommend for beginners, but this shows the sort of topics you could consider. You can get these articles written at low cost at places like elance.com.

Of course, just building the site is not enough. You then need to market that affiliate site, by:
Making sure the pages are written correctly for search engine optimization (SEO);
Getting links to the site;
Writing some articles about the subject;
Getting it listed in the minor directories.

SEO requires some understanding of what the search engines want, but the main thing is interesting content - so make sure you have that when you start affiliate website marketing.
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