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Turning Potential Customers Into Paying Customers

Mar 6, 2008
It is essential to look at your business from a customers point of view, if you wish to increase the quantity of sales that you make. What doubts could a customer have to purchasing your product of service? If they are presumptuous that there is a risk involved in purchasing your product, then the only clear way you can rectify this is by offerings a good guarantee.

Today, many businesses ignore or play down the guarantee. This is because a large amount of business owners have trepidation that they will be taken advantage of if their guarantees become recognized. This assumption should not be made in any business.

The customer will be shown that by giving a solid guarantee you are devoted to making them happy as well as being content about taking the risk of business transactions. You will be showing the customer that you believe in your product or service, and that you are prepared to "put your money where your mouth is."

Do not downplay your guarantee. Rather use it as a selling point. Allow the customer to be aware that you are more than happy to take the risk of any purchase that they make. This may be the difference between a possible customer and a paying customer. Revert your mind back to when you have made purchases in the past. Have you taken notice of return policies when you have been purchasing in store? On how many occasions have you searched for a money back guarantee when you have been shopping online before you have gone ahead and made the purchase?

How can your guarantee be played up? Well this is straightforward. Rather than place the guarantee at the very bottom of your sales letter, place it right at the very top. Highlight it so that it stands out and make it one of the conditions of doing business with you.

Ensure that the guarantee is detailed as well as clearly outlining the expectations that your product or service can hope to fulfill. Most importantly, state what will happen if the product or service does not meet the customers expectations. Make them aware of the fact that you will be more than happy to refund their money or replace the product. Give a time frame on the length of the guarantee. Studies prove that longer guarantees work much better than short ones. But of course, this would depend upon the product.

Another idea as to how your guarantee can be highlighted is to include testimonials that vouch for your guarantee. A testimonial will go a long way in establishing for trustworthiness.

Therefore, highlight your product or services guarantee if your business is not making the amount of sales that you had expected. Your sales will be increased and you will have customers returning for more of your products or services when you remove this one objection that the customers may have.
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