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The Best Way To Find Sales Jobs

Mar 6, 2008
Sales Jobs can be some of the most exciting jobs available. There is no better feeling than signing that deal and shaking hands with the new client and knowing that you have made a sale. The feeling that you get from achieving a good sale is difficult to beat. Often the sales team operates on a commission basis. So that often sales jobs provide a number of good bonuses for the employee and there is often the potential to make a lot of money as a supplement to a basic wage.

Indeed many companies will offer sales staff a lower basic salary than their office based peers but they will offer a high bonus per sale. This provides the sales person a great deal of incentive for making a sale. This is obviously a great way of motivating the sales staff and the benefits of doing this for the company are good as they can depend on the sales staff to force sales through. Alternatively it is great for the sales staff as they are able to make a lot of money if they work hard and have a successful year.

The focus of sales jobs is to make money and make sales. As a result the majority of candidates that apply for sales jobs are highly self motivated and hardworking. The nature of the job is that the sales team are often extremely good at communicating with people and are very driven toward achieving success. There is an enormous range of types of jobs and levels of experience required for each type. Because there are so many different types of sales jobs it is difficult to say how much a member of the sales staff should earn. For example the salary bracket of a sales administrator is likely to differ greatly from that of a sales director.

The salary that a sales person can command depends greatly between roles and dependant on the regional location of the job. A sales administrator in London is likely to earn around 17,500 pounds whereas someone fulfilling a similar role in the North East will earn around 11,500. The trends are the same in all types of sales Jobs. For example a regional sales manager in the south east will earn around 44,000 pounds whereas a regional sales manager in Yorkshire is likely to earn much less at around 33,500 pounds. This is also the case with the top end sales jobs such as sales and marketing director earning on average 70,000 pounds in London with the average in east midlands being around 55,000 pounds.

There are a number of different jobs in sales and finding the right job title to suit your abilities will help you refine your search for a sales job. Some of the job titles are as follows; sales administrator, sales rep, sales executive, regional sales manager, account manager, key account manager, business development manager, commercial manager, sales manager, sales and marketing manager, sales director and sales and marketing director.

The likely salaries for these positions are as follows. A sales administrator will earn around 15,500 pounds. A sales rep should earn around 18,500 pounds. A sales executive should earn around 27,000 pounds. A regional sales manager will look to earn around 37,000. An account manager will earn around 22,000 pounds. A key account manager should be receiving around 28,000 pounds per year. A business development manager will earn around 46,000 pounds whilst a commercial manager should pull in around 29,000 pounds. A sales manager should achieve around 33,000 pounds per year whilst a sales and marketing manager will look to earn nearer 49,000 pounds. A sales director will look to earn around 54,000 pounds whilst a sales and marketing director could earn as much as 70,000 pounds per year.
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