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Are You A Gaming Nut? This Could Be Your Dream Job!

Mar 6, 2008
Ask most gaming addicts what their favourite career would be and you will probably hear, Computer game design! This really would be work perfectly fused with fun with the potential for earning vast sums of money in the process.

For most, though, it remains just that a lifetime fantasy. However, it could be a career that someone with a passion for gaming should look at seriously. The industry is massive and there is always room for more people with the right skills and qualifications.

What exactly does it take to break into this world and make it your dream work for life? It is a very tough world to get into as it requires a very good knowledge of various programming languages. You could start by getting a computer science degree which is a tremendously tough course but worth it if you can get through the masses of tedious subjects you will need to study.

The great thing is and what you should always keep in your mind is that you will have a career that you can put your heart into at the end of it all. However, what you study in no way prepares you for what will be getting into - a giant behemoth in most cases where you will probably only be working on on very small part of what will end up a massive game. Games are so intricate and complex today, they might take many people a great many years to complete! It is a far cry from when a only couple of people would be needed work on one game. Needless to say, the remuneration for this kind of work can be sky-high what with the business of games so large globally really, the sky is the limit.

It is not only the programmers who can break into this industry, though it has to be said that they form the largest component. There is also always a huge demand for artists and writers as well. These are very often the ideas people who contribute massively to the visual and verbal aspects of the game - deciding how exactly a character should look, what he should wear, what he should be called, how he should sound and so on. They basically put the meat onto the bones of a game.

It is a young industry essentially as it caters to the young. And if your hearts in gaming, may be this is where you should be!
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