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7 Killer Tactics To Internet Business Niche Domination

Mar 6, 2008
I understand if you doubt your own internet business skills, so did I until I started to think, what the domination means and what is needed that I could dominate some niche?

Actually the process is easy, when you pick the realistic niche, I mean realistic as to the size of the niche. After that you just use known systems and build a strong position into the chosen niche.

An other important factor is to choose your specialty, i.e. where you want to become an expert: PPC, SEO, blogging, forum marketing, article marketing, free classifieds etc. There are hundreds of chances.

My pick was the article marketing or writing about the various home internet business topics and submitting these writings to thousands of different directories and sites all over the Net.

This choice was based on my own idea of my writing skills and on the fact that the Net is an information highway, so I should be able to use information, when I promote my home internet business opportunity.

The strategy I chose has worked so well that I want to give it to you in this article.

1.The Quality Is The King.
If you follow the quality strategy, there is actually all you need in a nutshell. The quality content will bring repeated visitors, the quality makes visitors copy your articles and to publish them on their sites.

And this is best: the quality will learn you to do your best all the time, to follow the market and to pick the latest tactics. That will keep your home internet business opportunity on the top.

2. Automate Your Blog As Much As You Can.
We all have one limitation: our own time and strengths. This is the reason, why you should automate your efforts as much as you can.

Pick a quality blog, WordPress, and you can automate the pinging, RSS feed and semi automate the social bookmarking sites submissions. With the successful keyphrase choices your posts can climb to the top on the search engines. That means traffic!

3. Write Lots Of Marketing Articles.
I normally write every day, either to my blog or to article submission service site or to both. The article is for the information highway, it pre sells, it will raise my site ranking, it brings traffic from the directories and build my brand, which all are important for the niche domination.

4. Use Quick And Automated Article Submission Service.
The mass distribution articles are meant for the masses. That is why the submission service must reach hundreds of article directories and sites and the service must be quick and effective.

One the key factors in your niche domination strategy is to climb to the top place on the Google result page of your keyword. And not only to climb to there but to stay there.

5. Be Active On The Internet Business Forum.
The internet home business forum, a good one, is one of the best places, where to spend your time. The benefits are clear: you learn there, you get direct site visitors from there and also backlinks.

6. Build Enough Related Backlinks.
Related backlinks are links which point back to your internet business opportunity site from some other related site. They raise your search engine ranking but bring also direct traffic from these sites. We can say that these links are internet business contacts, they are necessary.

7. Be Active Blog Comment Writer.
This is a very easy way to build backlinks and brand. And, it is totally free. In the best case, the blog owner will write a comment into your blog. I think you should search authority blogs, i.e. blogs with high PR, because backlinks there are the most valuable ones.

The niche domination is possible and very realistic target but it requires planning and a long term work. Your focus must sty with the domination for a lomg time. When I succeeded to to it, so can you. Just Do It!
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