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Find A Dropshipping Wholesaler And Make Profits From Reselling

Mar 6, 2008
If you want to establish your own online reselling business, but can't afford spending money to store the inventory, you need to find a dropshipping wholesaler. Thousands of people have gone this path and they can vouch that the business can bring awesome profits.

Once you have found a wholesale company that will ship the goods on your behalf, you can sell at online auctions or set up your own online store. If you look at eBay's Power Sellers, you will realize that most of them don't sell the goods directly. They are just middlemen between buyers and a wholesale company, cashing on the difference between each sold product's price.

So, it becomes obvious why to find a dropshipping wholesaler, who is reliable and consistent, is vital. After all, your entire reputation as a seller or a company will depend on your wholesaler. Poor quality of their goods or service will result in your low rating on eBay and losing customers.

Your search for a good dropshipping wholesale company should start with identifying what kind of goods you would like to sell. That alone requires a separate research, if you want to offer something that will sell like hot cakes. Once you identified your product, try to search online - type the name of the product along with "wholesaler", "dropshipper" or any combination related to these two words.

Of course, a basic search will not give you immediate links to reliable wholesalers' sites. You should check out each link carefully and watch for the signs of middlemen, who are plenty on the Web. They advertise themselves as dropshippers, but in fact they are not. To find a dropshipping wholesaler, who is genuine and not looking to rip you off might be a daunting task.

All the short listed candidates should be contacted over the phone or at least via Internet means (see if you can get them to chat with you). Try and investigate about each company you might do business with. Compare the product range and prices, request for a sample to assess the quality personally. All this does take lots of time, but cannot be missed out.

You can find a dropshipping wholesaler much quicker, though. Detailed and very handy online directories are accessible at a moderate fee; they are a trustworthy source of verified wholesale suppliers to choose from. Not only is your time saved, but all the risks of dealing with a scamming company are eliminated. In a vast database that you will be given unlimited access to, you will definitely find a dropshipping wholesaler to do business with.

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