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Simple Way To Handle Different Merchants' Accounts As Easily As Different Mailboxes

Mar 6, 2008
Being a merchant with many affiliates can be a very profitable business. However, most of the merchants find it clumsy and cumbersome to handle different merchant accounts in multiple systems. When you are able to offer multiple payment options the sales improve dramatically because it suits more people to do business with you. However, setting up different merchant accounts for each product and payment can be so, so tiring.

So what could be the solution here? It would be just great to be able to manage everything from just one place without the whole thing clogging up your sales-page with many buy-now buttons from all the different systems you man; where just one pay-now button would do the job. This would be not only highly functional but also effective and pleasant to the eye.

The only one buy-now button would mean more freedom, less time spent in manning and simplification of an otherwise highly cumbersome process.

The Benefits Of Handling Everything In The Same Place

There are many payment systems as you very well know and there is the limitation when you use such systems, i.e. you can do sales yourself but you cannot use an affiliate for the same. So, your profits would depend solely on what you can do yourself. If you had this limitation removed and were able to accept affiliates, would it not be great?

As a matter you could do so with the present systems, but the pain in setting up such an arrangements usually deter merchants from taking it up as the effort far exceeds the profits that would accrue from it. An affiliate would not only be able to multiply your profits, but also take a lot of load off your shoulders in promoting your products on different online websites, forums using various online marketing methods. Definitely, having an affiliate would help your business grow exponentially.

In this way you could set up as many affiliates as you have payment systems which would mean you could have the opportunity of multiplying your profits just so many times over.

There is tremendous benefit in being able to coordinate them through one point rather than checking them out individually. Each payment system could have its own separate commission plan, payment schedule, product list and so on. When you have a program that allows you to check on all of them just like you would check all your mail boxes through outlook express - this would save you time and a lot of headache, besides giving you instant information about all the payment systems.

Check For Programs With Which You Could Coordinate Your Affiliates

There are excellent programs out there such as Click2Sell.EU ( http://www.click2sell.eu ) which give you total and full control over your payment systems. This program helps you to have a complete picture in one panel so you could at any time check on any particular aspect of your accounts. Without such a program, it would be extremely not difficult but impossible for you to stay on top of every system; nor would you be able to have your own affiliates.
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Egidijus Andreika is a creator of Click2Sell.EU Affiliate network. Click2Sell allows you to sell your products online and offer multiple payment options for your customers. Track and manage all your affiliates, sales, websites referring sales. Sell products online with Click2Sell.EU. Visit Click2Sell affiliate program network.
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