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4 Proven Strategies To Build Your Opt-In List

Mar 6, 2008
In order to collect your prospects email address, you must compel them to exchange their contact info for something of value to them. You can not just offered the same old rehashed stuff that's out there already. With so much information available, you have to over deliver on your content and make it unique. Here are 4 proven ways to do that.

1) Offer a free e-book. This is perhaps the most widely used tactic to gather your prospects email address. By giving away an e-book, you can start to be recognized as an expert in that field. Also, you make your prospects familiar with the products that you are promoting. You can also make it viral. Allow your readers the opportunity to forward it to others that they know may be interested. They can do this as long as they do not alter or change it in any way. By allowing this, your e-book could receive massive exposer, and therefore growing your opt-in list at light speed. You can write it yourself, 5-10 pages crammed full of unique, quality information, or you can have it written for you, this may run anywhere from $15-$85 an hour. You can also buy resale rights which allow you to give it away or sell it and keep 100% of the profits. There's also Private Label Rights, which allow you to alter and change it, sell it or give it away, and claim it as your own.

2) Offer a free newsletter. Again, widely used as an incentive, and still very effective. As with your e-book, your newsletter must be packed full of unique, highly informative information, free resources,, downloads and such. You must decide how often you offer the newsletter. Once a week, twice a week, bi-weekly, once a month. This will depend on what information your offering. If you have a newsletter on the stock markets, you may be able to offer it twice a week, as the markets change daily and therefore there would be new info to share often. A newsletter on say, real estate may be okay to offer twice a month as there may not enough quality content to fill twice a week. I would suggest you try and offer it at least twice a month minimum. People sign up for a lot of newsletters and tend to forget quaickly what they signed up for, so you must keep your name and business in front of them as often as possible.

3) Free download if promoting software. You can offer you prospect a free trial version of a software program that may be good for 15 or 30 days before they have to purchase. People feel very comfortable offering their contact info for a trial version with no strings attached. It gives them the opportunity to try it before they commit to buying. The trial version may be missing a few elements and only available when they buy or upgrade. Or they may need a registration key to activate the paid version. You can use your auto responder to drip on them through out the trial period, and offer them a discount or a bonus to buy just before the trial period is over. Very effective!

4)Free E-course. Lots of people still love getting things for free, especially if they get high quality information from it. People are always looking for ways to save, time, money and effort. So if you can teach someone how to 'Save 25-45% Building Your House' and someone is building their own house, they would be very interested, and willing to give you their contact info in exchange for the e-course. This as well could become viral. People are always willing to share info that they find valuable or important.

No matter what you are offer to help build your opt-in list, make sure you over deliver on the content and quality. With the internet making it so easy to access information now, if your offer is not, compelling, unique and of the highest quality, they will just click to the next offer. Find your target market and give them the answer to their questions and your list will grow faster then you can imagine.
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