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Things To Consider Before Redesigning A Website

Mar 6, 2008
Before you redesign a website you need to think about all the pros and cons. Along with a long list of pros and cons comes a long list of things that need to be considered regarding redesigning, what to include, what works and doesn't work, and how much time, money, and effort this is going to require.

Ask yourself this question, why am I changing my page? You can make your decision off of your answer. If you are changing your page because you want to jump on the band wagon of page redesign, or you want the hype that comes along with a new look, or you just want something different, it probably is not the right idea. If your changing it because it really truly needs to be done and the way it currently is not functional then you probably should consider a redesign.

Just because you redesign a page doesn't mean it is now going to be perfect. After every redesign there are things that are still wrong and glitches that need to be worked out. This can be a hassle and frustrating to users if they didn't feel like the redesign was even necessary.

Minor Upgrade or Complete Over Hall?
Now that you have decided a redesign is needed you have to decide how much of a redesign is need. Do you just need to fix a few small glitches and annoyances or do you need to recreate the website and start from scratch. Some of you might be somewhere in between, don't start the redesign unless you know exactly how much and exactly what you are doing.

If your slightly unsure the easiest way is to make a list, Figure out exactly what needs to go and what needs to stay. Find out from users what they do and don't like and what they feel like works and doesn't. You don't want to put all your time, money, and effort into the wrong aspects of your website. There can be a great reward if you update and upgrade the right aspects of your website.

The most important people in the process are your users. you want them to notice and know that you have upgraded your website. You don't want them to be overwhelmed and confused by all the changes on the website. It is really easy to get caught up in the cosmetics or your site and focus all of your attention there.

If your web page isn't user friendly it won't be successful. If people have trouble navigating through or figuring out your site they won't like it. They won't come back and they won't recommend it to anyone which can really hurt your business. Even if it looks great, if it isn't user friendly it needs to be changed.

The most effective thing you can do when redesigning your website is ask your users what they do and don't like, find out from them what they feel like works and what they would like to be changed. Don't try and fix those things that still work, do fix those things that don't work. Your users will be more than willing to let you know what they don't like and the changes they feel like should be made if you just ask.
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