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Guest Blogging Is Advantageous To Whom?

Mar 6, 2008
On days when the blogger cannot write they usually have a family member, friend, or even an employee fill in and write for them. This person usually writes for a couple of days usually not longer than a week or two. The writer that is filling in is often called a guest blogger.

The Reader-
One of the benefits of guest blogging is that it can help everyone involved. Having faithful readers is crucial to your blog and readers want a constant flow of new information. This is where a guest blogger comes in, instead of just leaving the blog quiet for a few days a guest blogger comes in, fills in the spot and writes until the original blogger is able to come back. The beauty of this is that the readers stay happy because they are still getting a constant flow of information, it just so happens that the information is written by a different writer.

Readers like the idea of having an occasional article or two written by someone else. A different writer can have different incites and expertise than the original writer. Sometimes the guest blogger will even approach an idea or topic that the original blogger doesn't usually talk about. The variety of writing often gets the reader more interested in the blog.

Guest Blogger-
Surprisingly the guest blogger may benefit from this process the most. It may seem inconvenient to them at first but if the really think about it and use this opportunity to their advantage they will realize the ability this has to help them in their own business ventures.

The best way to make guest blogging successful for the guest blogger is to create links back to his own site. Most likely readers are going to like what they read and possibly even want to read more by the writer. If the guest writer has created an easy link for the reader to click on they can then have access to the guest bloggers personal blog. This will help out the guest blogger get more readers to his own page and it creates more traffic on his page.

One of the best ways to broaden your horizons and learn is by reading and writing on new topics. Most likely the guest writer will be writing on something entirely different from what they are used to. Readers have a respect and appreciate writers who have a broad based knowledge. Guest writing and writing on new topics is one of the best ways to gain this quality.

The Original blogger is going to feel like they benefited from this the most, although truthfully everyone benefits equally. He is finally going to get the long awaited break he feels like he deserves. Breaks are one of the best things for writers, a break will let the writer rest his mind so when he comes back he can be creative and have new ideas.

Over all guest blogging helps everyone, it helps the blogger reciev his awaited break, it helps the guest blogger refine his skills and develop more traffic on his site, and it helps the reader to continually receive that flow of precious information.
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