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How Do You Get Good Search Rankings Without Spam?

Mar 6, 2008
You have probably experienced the frustrations and impatience of receiving hundreds of spam emails every single day on the Internet, and have setup certain restrictions that help to eliminate them from your online atmosphere. Most of this spam is a bunch of junk that does not offer anything reputable or realistic to the recipients and only benefits from people clicking on the links that it provides. Some web site owners have begun to use spam programs to increase the number of online visitors that click on link icons that lead to their site.

In many cases, spam emails do not have a great positive effect on neither the recipient nor the sender because it is junk and contains no value. Sending out spam emails is a very unethical approach to increasing your site's traffic flow and does not even have a very effective outcome on your site's success. There are so many other effective methods that you can use to increase a page's popularity and traffic flow.

Spam contains many negative aspects that destroy the online world. This article will name a few of them so that people will know that you do not need to use spam emails to get good search rankings.

Lost Money-
There are some web site owners that spend quite a bit of money on programs that send out spam emails to hundreds of people. They are simply throwing away this money because most of those spam emails are immediately deleted by people from their mailbox and are even blocked by email programs such as AOL and Google. Buying spam email programs is a great waste of money and can be very harmful to the financial success of your web site.

Spam Overload-
The programs that are designed to send out spam emails to hundreds of people usually create millions of messages that completely clog up the Internet and damage the online world. Millions of spam emails are sent out every day and prove to be very detrimental to everyone who uses the Internet for information and business. If fewer web site owners used spam programs in attempts to improve their site's reputation, then there would be more room for them to expand their online business and become more profitable.

Not Legal
Some spam emails are not even legal to create and send in the United States and might cause you to experience some legal problems in the future. It is very difficult to regulate the types of spam emails that your specific program sends out, and you therefore take the risk of doing something illegal without you even knowing about it until it is too late. Spam can be illegal in many different forms and should be avoided to protect your rights and Internet business.

You simply do not have to spam in order to get good search rankings. You can build up link icons, work with other site owners, or even use other advertising methods to increase your reputation with search engines.
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