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Writing an E-Book - Pick Your Topic

Mar 6, 2008
For many website owners, their e-book is a chance to become an e-book millionaire. This can happen to you, too, if you pick the right topic for your e-book. Do it right, and your book will help you earn money, even while you sleep, using Internet marketing.

Let's use an example. Pretend you have a great idea for an e-book, one entitled Top Ten Tricks for Barbecue Success.

What is the first thing you need to do?

First, you need to see if there's a market for barbecue tips. Go online and do some keyword research. These results show how much interest there is in your topic. I like to start with Wordtracker, free software available online. Using Wordtracker, you can check how many people are using each keyword, and the number of websites which compete for that keyword phrase.

Search engines will rank each webpage, depending on the keyword phrases found on the page. Look for a popular topic. Don't be afraid of a little competition - that competition is proof that others are making money, and you can too.

Using Wordtracker, you can find out how many people are searching for barbecue tips. The software will also help you uncover other phrases that your clients type into the search engines. Look at all of the related phrases, and use your imagination to come up with variations. After that, you will be ready to pick out your favorite keywords.

By using Wordtracker, you can find dozens of different permutations on keyword phrases. This will help you decide which keywords to concentrate on in order to draw traffic to your website.

When you determine that there is a strong demand for an ebook, you can start choosing the best topics to include in our ebook. You want to look for keywords that have relatively few competing pages so that we won't be dead in the water before you even start. This will help you set up chapters in your ebook. Then you can begin writing the e-book.
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Stephen Beck shows you how to write and publish an e-book and create a "cash on demand" business business. Marketing information products has never been so simple when you view Steve's video.
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