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It Is About Time Personal Attention Comes To The Internet

Mar 7, 2008
The Internet began for one purpose: the exchange and storage of data. Across the decades, its not only become a worldwide portal for facts and research, its become an alternate world into itself. People of all cultures, interests, walks of life, and nationalities converse as easily through the Internet as they do on the street. Now, a new technology is giving webmasters the upper hand. We have entered the newest realm of the 'live site.' This new addition to your site will boost your sales and cause your profits to grow.

What is the greatest feature of the 'live site?' The live site involves a live person who fields text questions from visitors and gives them a verbal response. This person interacts with a welcome message, helpful hints, or a similar perk your visitor can enjoy. There are several methods of utilizing this live technology.

With personalized support, you visitor feels more like an individual, as opposed to just a 'hit' and they are given specific attention while on your site. You can also use this method of customer interaction in your technical support and contact areas. You can even use this on a products page to maximize your sales and earnings.

The era of just an audio file for simulating a voice has evolved into a great commodity to any web site seeking a wide audience. Live sites also offer great advantages to those with visual or hearing impairments as they can direct your visitor where they need to go. Many of the talking services and software offered today are affordable and easy-to-use. Live sites will give you the potential to earn more money in less time.

With the use of audio feeds, you have the standard benefits. Users are allowed to look away from the screen or focus their attention elsewhere and can just listen to the site. Live sites offer a personal touch that you respond in real time questions visitors may have.

The growth of broadband and the lowering of service costs mean that more people today are using higher connection speeds than ever before. Your video stream is less likely to pose a problem to your visitors and does not take an extended period to load.

Imagine what type of customer service you can offer if you have a 'live' exchange? Any visitor, at any time of day, will quickly and easily connect with a sales representative and communicate with a person.

If a potential customer has a problem, they can find an answer immediately. If you have a product-oriented site, your clients can have ample information at their fingertips with just a click of a mouse. Actually, one-on-one customer service is certain to draw a large response. Your traffic will have an instant method of reaching a member of your staff and that will prove that you offer some of the greatest services online.

This new type of site is certain to revolutionize the internet and bring visitors even closer to the staff working the web site. This method will improve sales, boost traffic and appeal to a wide audience who might otherwise feel online transactions to be cold and impersonal.
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Brad Hodges is President of BRAD HODGES ENTERPRISES a Global Internet Marketing Company specializing in Travel, Health and Home Business E-Commerce.
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