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International Relocation - Salary Conversion Calculator To Your Rescue!

Mar 7, 2008
If you stick to a job in the USA for a few years, you probably will be in a comfortable position after getting a few raises. But let us imagine for a minute that your superiors would like to relocate you to a different outlet of the company, and that too in another country! Well, nobody likes being uprooted by some body else from a land that they are comfortable living in for so many years since birth. But let us try and look on the bright side of things.

For one, your company will probably offer you a better position and a raise for taking up the offer. And the, you will be wondering about what your salary would look like in another country. This can be quite tricky to figure out. They may pay you a small incentive but will that be enough to make you a living of the same standard that you have now, in a country like England?

On the other hand, you may imagine you would be very well off with the same pay in a poorer country like India. Well, it is not that simple after all, and you may make use of a salary comparison calculator to get an idea of how it will fall out for you. You could find a few salary comparison meters on the internet, free for all to make use of. Although they may not be highly accurate, at least they will give you a basic idea of what you can expect.

The first variable you need to input into any calculator is the tract that you come from. Then you need to input your current take home salary and the current location as well. Finally you enter the name of the country that you are going to, and there you go, you are now ready to view the result.

The resulting answer is the amount you would NEED to make that would equal the salary in the United States, or wherever it is that you are from. Say you entered 40,000 and you get an answer of 60,000, it means that you should demand a salary of 60,000 because the cost of living is that much higher in that country. On the other hand, if you get an answer of 30,000 then I guess you are on the safe side, and will have a higher than current standard of living with the same salary in that new country.

You could find a lot of such salary comparison calculating services on the net. Just make sure you use a well known site so you get the best results. And don't pay for it, its free on most of those sites. This is a very simple step you can take to get a better idea of whether the contract to relocate that has been handed over to you is worth it, or not.
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