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How Affiliate Marketing Directories Bring You Profits

Mar 7, 2008
Where is the best place to look for affiliate products you can market? The short answer is: affiliate marketing directories, but there is much more to it than that, because not all affiliate marketing directories are equal.

Products that suit you and sell well

The real question is: 'Where can I find the best affiliate marketing products for me to presell.' Of course, that depends on your interests and goals, but you really do need to look for products that are selling well, and which give you a good commission. It is a good idea to market products in your hobby, so long as there are products out there that sell well.

Consider your hobbies and interests

There are many hobbies with good affiliate programs, although many are highly competitive, so it is no good thinking that you can market any of these products successfully anywhere. In many cases you will need to compete with big companies who market their products themselves or through agents who hold stock of the products. You will not want to have to compete with them.

Weight loss is a good example. The biggest players in that category are multi-million dollar companies, so even if they have affiliate programs, it will not be easy to market them. There will be thousands of affiliates marketing these products, and many will be using identical web pages provided by the merchant. You do not want to go down that route - it leads to invisibility!

Even so, you can make money in weight loss products, especially if you yourself have lost a lot of weight and can tell the story. But you will still need a competitive product.

Good affiliate marketing directories

Here are some of the best places to find affiliate programs:

1. Clickbank (clickbank.com) Clickbank is a very big agent for affiliate programs, but accepts digital download products only. The good thing about Clickbank is that it is easy to navigate, and you can go the the Clickbank Marketplace to find the different categories. When searching you need to look for high gravity, which should be over 20 to make the product worth marketing. You will probably find the top two or three products difficult to market, so avoid them.

Clickbank also shows the amount of commission you will receive for each sale, and popularity. With popularity, the lower the rating the better, the opposite to gravity.

2. Commission Junction (cj.com) handles a wide range of products and services, but as there are so many categories you may not find so many useful ones in a category of interest. No ranking is provided.

3. Linkshare (linkshare.com) is similar to Commission Junction.

4. PayDotCom (paydotcom.com) handles quite a variety of products, including digital ones.

5. Associate Programs (associateprograms.com) is an excellent directory of affiliate products, but also offers forums and a lot of advice to affiliate marketers.

Search through these and you will find a lot of products in all sorts of niches. You will then need to work out which ones are suitable for you to market, and select those that also look as if they will be big sellers.
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