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Check out Your Employees Before they start Working for You

Mar 7, 2008
How many times have you hired someone and regretted it? Sometimes you need more than a resume. It can tell you quite a bit about a person's career. A resume also tells you what computer programs a person can run and how many years they were on a job. What it doesn't tell you, is the kind of person they are and if they have ever committed a crime.

There are companies that have hired badly and those people have (on rare occasions) come back and have brought their automatic rifles with them. We have all seen the new stories. Nowadays employers are worried about letting people go, because they simply cannot trust that this person wont return witha gun some time in the future!

Reliable and up to date information about a prospective employees history is very helpful in making the decision as to whether to employ them. A background check of an employee could save a lot of trouble for your business in the future. I

MacDataAdvantage.com can help you find out the background information that you need before you decide whether to employ an individual. Your company relies on security and it is in the best interests of the firm to run secure background checks on any potential workers.

However the choice is completely yours to make, you do not have to run a background check but why would you not want to protect your colleagues and your company?

When it comes to background checks there are a few options to choose from:

You can conduct a criminal history search or a social security check. These are both legal and the courts have ruled that an employer has a general duty to check criminal records for employees who will interface the public or could commit a violent crime against someone in the workplace.

Property owners - there are also tenant screenings that you can conduct. The tenant screening will allow you to confirm addresses that a tenant claimes to have resided at, in order to check the veracity of their application. A tenant screening will also provide info on their credit history, name and whether they have any liens agains them.

The tenant screening will certainly ensure that you so not rent your property to the wrong person! to. For instance would you rent to someone on the National Sex Offender Register?

The tenant screening will also confirm that the person is who they say they are and that will hopefully ensure a harmonious relationship between you and your tenant!
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Macdataadvantage.com is a leading online company providing employee screening and background checks. To learn more about employee background checks or criminal record checks then visit the site for more details on how to protect your business.
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