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Making the Most of the Peaks and Troughs in Online Sales

Mar 7, 2008
Just like any other business, internet marketing experiences peaks and troughs in its sales volume.

Some months are traditionally slow, while others see the money rolling in to everyone's affiliate accounts. Such is the business of selling - The key is in making the most of the busy times and the slack times, and arranging your timetable and tasks to benefit you in the best way possible.

Whatever time of the year you start in internet marketing, you will need to complete one turn of the calendar in order to get an idea of how things will work for you. Everyone will experience different volumes of sales, depending on what they are promoting, and how many sales they make on an average day.

For example, if you were selling winemaking kits online, you would notice a peak in sales in the autumn time, a few weeks before Christmas. This is because that's when everyone is bottling their wine to make up for Christmas presents. When everyone else is rushing round buying last minute seasonal gifts, you may well be experiencing very few sales.

The key is to mark down on a calendar or in a diary when your own personal busy times are. Once you have done this you will be able to save the planning, goal setting and future plans for those times when you don't sell as much.

Internet marketing has the benefit that your affiliate links and marketing efforts can pretty much run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So even during slow periods your promotions will still be active and available to snag sales and make you some money.

The slow times are fantastic for evaluating what you are currently doing, and examining how you can improve your sales and your marketing to reach more people.

The problem is that many internet marketers tend to focus on the bad side of things - in this case the fact that their sales are down. This is a natural thing to do, but why not use the time to focus on how to sell more? This is a pro-active stance to take, and it tends to bring benefits in both the short and the long term.

A lull in sales can be worrying - especially if you rely on your business to pay your bills - but only let yourself worry for a couple of minutes. Then turn to the positive and think about how your business is actually doing. Most of us are so busy working that we never really stop to think about whether we are working in the most productive way possible.

Take time to review your goals when it all goes quiet for a while. Take it as a sign that you should shift your attentions to see how you could be working more efficiently.

If you do this you might well experience a real upsurge in sales when it gets busy again. If and when this happens you will be grateful for the time you spent evaluating every aspect of your business, as it will be bringing you better results.
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