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How Does The Government Measure If You're Employed?

Mar 7, 2008
Every year you see new statistics that the United States government release to the general public that talk about the regulations and new trends of the American economy and in the lives of millions of citizens. These statistics help to show government officials and American citizens the types of changes that need to take place in order to make this country more successful and a much better place to live. These statistics are acquired and organized in quite a few different ways, but they do tend to be the most accurate and realistic information that is available.

One of the most popular statistics that the federal government always releases is about the unemployment status of American workers. That statistic has been fairly low for several years, but there are still people in the United States that suffer from the fact that they do not have a sufficient job and cannot support themselves or their families. The unemployment report is a very serious issue and new methods are being organized to completely wipe this negative aspect from our county.

Many people often wonder, however, about how the federal government actually measures if you are unemployed or not. There are many different people in this country that jump from job to job or simply do not have steady employment for several years. Securing the status of a person's employment can be a much more difficult task than you previously anticipated.

There are a number of things that the government takes into consideration before labeling a person as unemployed. This organized system works very well and helps to come up with the unemployment statistics that you see every year. The following classifications are used to categorize people who do not have a current job.

Loss Of Job
The federal government closely watch people who have lost their jobs and look to see if they are able to find further employment over the course of a given time period. Generally, if the person is unable to find a job position within a month after their previous layoff, then they become labeled as unemployed by the United States government. They continue to remain in this specific category until they are able to eventually secure another type of job position in the future.

Job Searching
Another way that the government looks for unemployed people is by watching the job searches of every person in the United States. They often use the resources of different companies and businesses that show who they have interviewed over the past several weeks. If a person has had several interviews over a certain time period without any type of job offer, then they become classified as unemployed.

The government also looks at the number of job applications that a person fills out and turns in to different businesses. If these applications are all denied by these companies, then once again the applicants are labeled as part of the unemployment statistic.
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