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How To File For Unemployment

Mar 7, 2008
Losing your job can be a very devastating blow to your confidence and self-esteem, especially if you are trying to provide the basic needs of life for you and your family. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that unemployment brings to people, there is still a beam of light and hope that can come to families that find themselves unemployed. The United States government has come up with a system that provides unemployment benefits and insurance to people until they are able to get back on their feet and find another source of employment and a consistent income.

The process of filing for unemployment differs depending on what state you live in, but there are many similarities that will be addressed in this particular article. The first thing that you need to do, however, is to make sure that you actually qualify as a person who is unemployed. You need to prove to the government that you currently do not have a job and that you have not had one for at least the past four weeks.

Once you have proven that you have been jobless for at least four weeks, you then must provide proof that you are currently searching for another job. This can be done by providing copies of job applications that you have turned in and have been rejected by specific companies. You can also have companies directly report certain interview records to the government and show that you have been interviewing for specific job positions.

When you have officially qualified as a person who is unemployed, there is a certain amount of paper work that needs to be completed and turned in to the state and federal governments. Depending on which state you are from, you can complete this paper work either online or you can fill it out by hand and mail to the specified government facilities. You should contact your local government agency in order to determine what options are available for you to use.

The next step of filing for unemployment is filling out the actual paper work. Some of the most common information that you will need to have includes a Driver license number, social security number, mailing address, copies of your tax income forms, and your previous employer's W2 forms. These different types of documentation show that you currently reside with the limits of the United States, are a legal citizen, and have been unemployed for at least the past month.

This necessary paperwork also helps the government to figure out just how much aid it needs to provide you with in order to buy the basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, and medical supplies that you and your family would need to survive. More than likely, you will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire that allows the government to see your goals for the future. If they see that you are willing to keep looking for jobs and not simply just live off of the government, then they will provide you with necessary benefits.
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