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Selling Ebooks On Ebay: Ways To Increase Profits

Mar 7, 2008
Are you selling ebooks on Ebay? If so, you may be having trouble getting a good price for the ebooks you sell. Here are some ideas to increase your prices and your profits.

Thousands of sellers are selling thousands of information products on eBay. How can you get your buyers to bid more for your electronic books than they would bid for others? To do that you must become unique among the thousands of sellers. With all that competition, you must set yourself apart from the crowd. In order to do that you must use some creative ideas to make your auctions stand out.

One way to get more profits from your ebooks on eBay business is to create niche packages. In other words, you bundle together related ebooks into a package. For example you might put books together all related to beauty secrets. You sell them as the beauty secret bundle.

You can create bundles of home repair books, bundles of marketing books or groups of recipe books. A bundle or group of books will provide a higher perceived value than a single ebook and you will realize a higher price.

You can further enhance your eBay ebook business by taking the niche bundles even one step further. You can create even smaller niches or target markets. For example as an alternative to grouping any old recipe books together, you bundle only recipe books that pertain to a specific narrow recipe niche.

One idea would be to sell a collection of chocolate recipe books together. You market that as your "Super Chocolate Lover's Collection". By marketing the group "Super Chocolate Lover's Collection" in your auction title, you will set yourself apart. This will again create a higher perceived value and result in a higher price.

Another way to create more profits selling ebooks on eBay is to create multiple bundles using only one or two ebooks. Using the recipe example again, suppose you had a book about desserts. You can break that into 10 small reports. One report for the cookie recipes, one for the cake recipes, one for the pie recipes, etc. You then sell the reports together as the "The Great Collection Of 10 Distinct Dessert Recipe Guides."

In this instance you have turned one ebook into a collection of 10 items. Once again, the value the customer puts on a collection of 10 items is much greater than the value of one ebook.

You can further enhance an auction value by marketing a many for one sale. Using the example above of the 10 dessert reports, you can market them as a 10 for 1 sale. Again you have transformed one plain ebook into something special. In this case the consumer sees that he or she is getting 10 items for the price that they would pay for one item. It is still the same one ebook but transformed into a more marketable commodity.

These are just a few ways to set yourself apart from other sellers by creating unique items to sell rather than the same old ebook. These creative ways of marketing will increase the returns you get selling ebooks on eBay.
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