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Mar 7, 2008
A famous network marketing trainer has a saying. Most of us do network marketing every day. We just don't get paid for it.

Did you see the last Pirates movie about going to the end of the world? I went with my wife and loved it. We bought buttered popcorn, a drink and candy. We spent, with tickets, over $30.00.

The next day I was telling one of my good friends what a great movie it was. She said, I've got to see that." She took her family including their four kids. They bought tickets, food, and drinks. They had a great time. The kids told all their friends about the great movie.

The next week, four of those friends went to the movie and bought tickets and food. They loved the movie too and at school they told their entire class about the movie and what a great time they had watching the sword fights!

The next week, more of their classmates went to the movie, bought food, and had a great time. They went to Sunday school and told all of their classes about what a great movie it was.

Guess what, the next week it happened again. More people went to the movie, spent money, had a great time and recommended the movie.

Well, the end of the month rolls around. The owner of the movie theater checks his bank statement and loves the profit he made last month. He gets out his checkbook and starts to write checks to all the people who recommended his theater last month for their marketing services. Okay, you're right. That check will never arrive in your mailbox.

In real network marketing, it is a business and when you create sales, the manufacturer does send you a check at the end of the month. That check is for not only the money you spent but also for all the money spent by the people you recommended plus for all the money spent by the people they recommended.

Think about it, you get paid a network marketing check not only on what you spend but also what all the other people who bought from your recommendation spent. That number is not just the ones with whom you talked but also all the people who were recommended by people you did not talk with directly. A real estate agent earns a commission on the properties that he lists and sells. If the real estate agent received a commission not only on his own listings but also those of every other agent who had listings in his office, the situation would be similar. You get paid based on work that other people have done and that work was simply making a recommendation.

The secret is in the system. You need the product and the system so you can get the money.
About the Author
Jim Montgomery is a business owner, business coach and law firm owner in San Antonio, Texas. He helps people get a home business to get what they want. For detailed information on his business system, visit http://www.work-from-home-business-success.info or email him at jemmktg@mac.com.
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