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Mar 7, 2008
All Webmasters are forever working on techniques that will increase website traffic, and the one technique that shines above all other techniques is article marketing. The main reasons behind the popularity of article marketing are one, it spreads the websites name all over the Internet, thereby increasing its backlinks, and two, it gives the impression that the people behind the website are experts in the subject.

How article marketing works

Article marketing is a nice and easy job, but it has to be done right. The idea is to submit articles containing unique content to reprint directories, from where it will be picked up by websites on the lookout for quality content. The trick is to weave in keywords strategically, and to include a resource box at the end of each article that carries a link pointing back to the authors website.

So, heres how article marketing works:

1. A Webmaster needs to get several articles written professionally that are relevant to his websites content.

2. He has to ensure that a resource box that points back to his website is included at the end of each article.

3. Once the articles are ready, he has to submit them to reprint directories such as ezine com.

4. Websites looking for quality content will then pick up one or more of these articles if found suitable, of course and publish them on their website. When the article gets published on a different website, its keywords and the link in the resource box are picked up by search engines and this helps the authors website get a better search engine ranking, and hence more traffic.

Principles of article marketing

There are a few rules of article marketing that every Webmaster has to follow, and these are:

1. The content has to be unique and informative. If an article is full of riff-raff, then it wont work.

2. Articles already published on the website must not be submitted each article submitted has to be unique.

3. The headline has to be catchy and must hook the reader immediately.

4. Sales talk and too many hype-words must not figure in the articles.

5. The resource box given at the end of the article has to be extremely well written and it must make an impact on its own.

Advantages of article marketing

1. As the article gets picked up and published on many websites, the authors website gets more backlinks. This goes on to enhance the websites Google PR (PageRank) on the search engine results pages.

2. The readers of the article get the impression that the author of the article is an expert on the subject matter and they look up to him for further information.

3. Both the above advantages lead to an unprecedented increase in traffic, which as you know, is not all that easy to come by.

This was all you need to know about article marketing. Should you want more information, do not hesitate to contact the author.
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S. Montgomery is a lifetime internet marketing student who manages a FREE Article Marketing blog that reveals the secret tricks and techniques the top marketers use to overload their sites with targeted traffic!
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