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6 Creative Methods to Generate Traffic for your Blog

Mar 7, 2008
In my last few articles I discussed how to create your own blog. Blogs can be a great way to represent yourself and your eBay ebook business online. However, if nobody reads your blog then all the potential benefits are lost. In this article I discuss six creative methods you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

1) Feedburner:- Feedburner is a free service that helps you create Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for your blog. RSS feeds are basically a summary of your blogs latest posts. People can subscribe to these RSS feeds and read them using a special piece of RSS Reader software. Whilst I haven't noticed any substantial traffic from Feedburner I do have some subscribers to my RSS feed. Plus, it's free traffic so there's nothing to lose by creating a feed and giving it a try.

2) Squidoo:- Squidoo is an interactive platform similar to a blog but not exactly the same. With squidoo you create a free page called a lens which consists of various modules. Each module contains a different element such as text, YouTube videos, eBay products etc. One of these modules is an RSS module. You can simply copy and paste your blogs RSS feed (created using Feedburner) into this module and hey presto, your latest blog posts will appear as part of your squidoo lens. If you want to see this in action check out The Ebook Cavern Newsletter section of The Ebook Cavern Squidoo Lens. Again, it's free traffic so you have nothing to lose by creating your own squidoo lens.

3) Technorati:- Technorati is a huge blog tracking service with over 100 million blogs registered as part of their network. You can register your blog with Technorati for free and once registered all your blog updates will appear on their network. If fellow Technorati users like your blog they can favourite it. Alternatively, if they like your post they can tag it. The more tags you get, the more authority your blog gets on the Technorati website.

4) Blogcatalog:- BlogCatalog is a huge social blog directory. To begin you register your blog in the relevant category and create a profile for yourself. Then you can browse through the blogs and add them to your favourites. Plus, you can add blog owners to your friends list write on their walls, send them messages etc. I've not had a chance to fully explore all the options provided by BlogCatalog but it has the potential to be an amazing promotional tool and a great way to network with owners of similar blogs.

5) Social Marker:- Social Marker provides you with a simple method to submit your blog to many of the social bookmarking websites out there. Social bookmarking websites are basically websites that display articles, videos, blog posts etc submitted by users. If visitors to the site like the content that is submitted then it will receive a positive vote. If not it will receive a negative vote. The idea behind this is that the good content will receive prime positioning whilst poor content will be removed from the websites.

6) YouTube:- Although I haven't tried submitting a video to YouTube to promote The Ebook Cavern Newsletter, I have had some success using YouTube videos to promote one of my other blogs. If you can't create your own video then consider paying someone to create a video for you. If you shop around you can get quite a good deal.

As you probably know blogs are a lot more flexible than traditional websites. As a result there are many more creative methods available to you when promoting your blog. Traditional promotional strategies such as article marketing are still effective but implementing these six creative methods can boost your blog traffic to new levels.
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Tom Parker is an eBay Ebook PowerSeller who has been selling ebooks and software on eBay for a number of years. He trades under the eBay ID: EbookCavern. If you want to learn how Tom runs and automates his eBay ebook business visit The Ebook Cavern Website
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