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Google AdWords - Earn Money on the Internet From Your Campaign

Mar 7, 2008
Earning money on the internet often means advertising. When it comes to return on investment, pay per click advertising is one of the most effective methods to generate traffic to your website.

Frequently, those who click on pay per click ads are in the buying rather than browsing category. There are numerous pay per click platforms out there, but Google AdWords is the most popular.

Why use pay per click? If your are not showing up for some important keywords or if your site is entirely commercial and offers little or no content then pay per click is an advertising model that you may want to consider.

Google AdWords enables advertisers to place their ads in the right hand column of search results, instead of offering placement in the organic search engine results. It allows work at home sellers to reach their target market in other networks (search networks) such as Ask.com, AOL, and Netscape.

While Google AdWords is a handy tool for marketers who want to increase their conversion rate, like all tools, it has to be used properly if it is to be effective. You need to manage your ad campaign carefully if you want success with Google AdWords. This means carefully paying attention to the following elements.

Keyword Selection: You want to choose relevant keywords that your buyer might use but they also have to accurately reflect your website's offer. As a general rule, it is recommended that you avoid using broad or vague keywords.

For instance, if you sell skiing equipment avoid the keyword "skiing." These types of keywords will not help you earn money on the internet or working online, because users who search with these types of keywords are in the browsing phase. You want to attract serious buyers. Thus, keyword phrases and keyword variations such as "red skiing outfit" or "red skiing outfits" will be more effective.

Proper keyword selection requires research. There are quite a few keyword research tools available. Most work from home marketers use nichebot.com which charges a monthly fee and Keyword Elite which only charges a one time fee.

Keyword bidding: Bidding can get out hand, when it comes to Google AdWords. You need to carefully consider your budget and your business goal. Believe it or not bidding on the top spot can hurt your campaign more than help it.

Studies show that internet users click the number one spot out of impulse not necessarily because they are interested in your offer. So while you may receive a great deal of visitors you're not receiving quality visitors that is-people who want to buy. The third, forth or even fifth position are more effective if you want to earn money on the internet or working online.

Writing ad copies for selected keywords: Your ad has to be compelling and clearly spell out the benefits of visiting your site. You only get a few seconds to convince someone to click on your ad so make sure your ad is concise, avoids repetition and identifies what is unique about your offer.

Google AdWords can greatly improve your conversion rate, if you take the time to research relevant keywords for your site and write an ad copy that entices the reader to click on your ad.
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