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Mar 7, 2008
I recently had the opportunity to take a look at a new and refreshing take on an established internet business model that promises to help their customers make faster purchase decisions on the latest hot products across the web.

The developers of this consumer product review and comparison site are focussed on the online shopping community. In particular, those who do not have the time to invest in searching for products online, finding the best product to meet their needs, identifying a safe and reputable vendor, not to mention the best price.

There are many of these sites available today and some of them are quite good. Others fall well short of providing useful information more often creating a maze of confusion due to their complexity and high volume of sponsored advertisements.

If you are like me, you prefer to shop with ease and simplicity where you are able to find what you want, when you want it, from a respectable vendor - at the best price available. This new site has a very simple concept. It provides what it calls product review spotlights that are generally limited to three or four items for a given product category. Each of the product comparisons that I looked at consisted of a single page providing links to additional products that may also be of interest to their visitors. What is refreshing about their approach is the simplicity and lightning speed of their site. These guys really seem to know what they're doing!

In addition to product spotlights, I found comparable products with links to thousands of other items related to the spotlighted products. The site was simple to navigate and was noticeably missing the typical spider web effect often found on similar product review sites. And they do not bombard you with other ads or pop-ups. Simplicity appears to be their theme providing pleasant, fast paced, no-nonsense shopping experience. They even allow you to suggest product comparisons of interest providing a new twist to the personal shopper theme.

The layout of this site is straight forward and the main page states its purpose. Within the side menu bar they present a drop down list of product categories and featured products within each category. What I really liked was the fact that each featured product page has a similar look and feel with full graphics and text to describe the product or service. Anchors at the top of the page keep you grounded as you navigate through the different product listings.

The site states up front that it is focused on consumer trends - basically hot products. So if you're looking for a vintage items you may want to look elsewhere as this site may not be for you.

From my perspective this site appears to present thousands of products and is currently focussed on information and software products. I did find several consumer electronics and health care products as well. It appears that the site is fairly new and adding products rapidly - all from respected online sellers.

In summary, I really like their approach and believe they will be a contender in the online shopping space.
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