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5 Top Blogging Tips for Freelancers

Jinger Jarrett
Mar 7, 2008
If you're a freelancer who's looking to get your business started, or a freelancer looking for more business, then blogging might just be for you.

Although blogging may not help you see business immediately, it can help you fill the gap in your income because while you're promoting your business, you can also promote affiliate programs, as well as sell advertising. It's also an easy way to make money with Google Adsense or some other contextual advertising. Just make sure your competitors aren't showing up on your blog.

By offering other resources related to your your business, it gives you a more extensive product line, as well as more solutions you can offer your readers. You don't want to be all things to all people; this will prevent you from targeting your market. However, you do want to offer as many solutions as possible for your readers so that you can better meet their specific needs.

Now, your first step in getting started blogging and earning extra money is that you want to select your blog platform. There are a wide variety of blog platforms available to you. When choosing your platform compare the features of the different blog platforms to see which suits your needs best.

Here are five tips for helping you get your message across, connect with your readers, and sell more of your services:

1. Check your presentation. Presentation is as much about how your blog looks as what it says. You want to make your blog as easy to read as possible. Although one background might look pretty cool, remember that you're basically offering a business blog. Black type on a white background is easiest to read. This doesn't mean that you can't make your overall background something else. Just make the format easy to read.

2. Pay attention to your navigation. Make it clear, and make it consistent throughout your blog. You also want to make it easier for your readers to find what they're looking for. Although it may seem boring to have the same menu throughout, it is easier for your readers to find what they want.

3. Check your links. This is related to the last tip, except that it deals with content. When adding links to your menu, make sure that the links you add are complementary, especially if you are linking to other blogs.

4. Create interesting content. The choices you have in creating content are almost limitless. As a freelancer, you should be an expert on your topic but honest enough to admit you don't know everything. Include videos you've found, interesting news stories related to your industry, comment on other blogs, as well as writing your own articles and blog posts.

5. Proofread your entries. Let's face it. We all make mistakes. You won't get every post right every time. If you're a freelancer though, especially a writer, you won't establish much credibility if you can't even handle the basics, like spelling and grammar.

Blogs are a great way for freelancers to get more business. You can do that by considering your reader. Make yourself different and offer your readers a reason to come back. You won't have any trouble finding new customers.
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