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What Needs To Be Looked At For Website Improvement

Mar 8, 2008
When you have a website that is not converting, it is definitely time to do some improvements. Or maybe the site just is not ranking well? Either of these two things signal that it is time to get the check list out and see what can be improved.

When checking your website - new or old, take a look at this list...

* Sufficient page text - Too little text on a web page will cause Google to turn it into a supplemental page. There is no magic word count here, but make sure that the amount of text is more than the amount of code on the page.

* Original Page Text - Pages that are too similar to other pages on your site may be filtered out by the search engines. Do a quick check with Copyscape, it will show any pages that the search engines are likely to pick up.

* Unique Page Title - Each page on your site should have a unique title based on the pages content and your most important keywords. The page title should be correct for the page content and ideally would include the keyword that page focuses on.

* Unique Meta Description - Each page on your site should have a unique meta description based on the pages content and your most important keywords. Be sure to pare down the shopping list of keywords to just the ones that actually appear on the page more than 4 times.

* Unique Meta Keywords (doesn't do much good, but it doesn't hurt either) - Each page on your site should have a unique meta keywords based on the pages content and your most important keywords. Again make sure that the words listed in the keywords are actually on the page 3-4 times at least. Also, although some gurus recommend it skip adding the misspelled words, it will not help you unless you misspelled them on the page.

* Keyword repetition in page text. Keywords and keyword variations should be used frequently on the page. Don't get carried away, make sure the page is still comfortable for your visitors to read. A good measure on this is to achieve a 4.5%-5% usage of keywords.

* Keyword placement in page text - Be sure that the first and last paragraphs on your page include your major keywords. As well the title of the page and the url for that page should also include the main keyword for that page.

* Alt tags - Search engines cannot read an image. Tell them what the picture is about. Don't repeat the some keywords over and over, if you put the image there than it must relate to your content, tell the search engine about that relation.

By double checking these items and adjusting them, you can and will have a site that ranks well and converts sales. It takes all of these small details to enable your site to rank well and produce the results that you are striving to achieve. All it takes is a little bit of website improvement and some patience and you are good to go! These tips will certainly help your overall website improvement efforts.
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