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How To Create The Perfect Dime Sale

Mar 8, 2008
One of the most popular methods to raise quick cash and build a customer list is through the use of dime sales. If you are not familiar with dime sales, they are simply sales campaigns that raise the product price a small amount after each sale.

In other words, they build urgency in visitors because if they wait too long to purchase, they will fail to lock in a more desirable price. With that said, here is how you can create the most powerful dime sale possible

Tip #1: Start At A Price At Least Lower Than The Overall Value

This is a critical step. The idea is that you want it to be an irresistible deal and allow the most number of sales throughout the life of your dime sale.

Tip #2: Raise Your Price $0.05 Per Sale (Max) For Lower End Products

Unless your target market is proven to buy products over $67, you want to get as many sales as possible while still allowing the price to be desirable for your visitors. Therefore, it is best to allow at least 20 sales per $1 and you want to have at least 100 sales before you reach the standard "pre-dimesale" price.

In other words, if you plan to launch an e-book at $27, start the dimesale at $10 and let 340 people (340 x 0.05 = $17) order before your regular price is locked in.

Tip #3: Offer 100% Commission To Your Affiliates & Customers

The best way to motivate people to promote your offer is to make sure they get something out of it. Instant 100% commissions are the best way to ensure their participation and their excitement. Keep in mind, though, that if you do offer 100% commissions to customers, do not make it a major feature of the offer. Instead, especially if you are using Paypal, subtly mention it in the PS statement.

Otherwise, you would be seen as selling 100% commissions, which would violate TOS.

Tip #4: Offer Targeted Bonuses That Offer Value

One mistake many people make is that they stuff 100 bonuses into their offer that have little to no value. Instead, if you are offering software, why not consider a video tutorial related to the theme of your software? Or, if you offer a video series on how to use video submission services, why not offer a bonus on how to create videos? One great bonus far outweighs the perceived value of 100 clunkers. Don't you agree?

Tip #5: Create A Targeted Back-End Offer

This is a great way to earn revenue that you give away to affiliates when you offer 100% commissions. One proven back-end product that is worth considering is re-sale rights or private label rights. While you do not have to create a one time offer, it is important to let them know about this open and follow up with them, over time.

While you do not want to inundate them with this offer, allow yourself to earn 1 sale for every 10 or so customers as a goal. This way you can not only build your list and earn some money on the back-end but you can also build a list of PLR buyers.

Tip #6: Separate Customer Lists

If you can, I suggest you separate those who buy your main product and those who buy PLR. You will be surprised to see how your income soars when you have a steady stream of buyers who buy $27 products and buyers who pay $67-$97 per product PLR.


In short, you want to build your customer list, earn some revenue, motivate affiliates to continue to work for you and give people a reason to buy from you. Follow these steps and each sales campaign you roll out will have a great head start.
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