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Using Affiliates to Sell Your Ebook

Mar 8, 2008
When you have a downloadable product, like an ebook, one of the best ways to sell it is through affiliates. You may have a large list that will buy your new ebook, but you will make more money when you have an army of sales people recommending your ebook to their customers.

How can you recruit more affiliates?

Affiliates often turn to ClickBank to find products that they can recommend and sell for a commission. Since ClickBank is a major source of downloadable products, it has become the best rated e-book reseller online. It is not surprising that so many website owners look for complementary products to sell through ClickBank.

To sell your e-book on ClickBank, you must first set the price of the book and the affiliate commission rate. Don't undervalue your product - if you only set a five dollar price tag for your e-book, you will have to share that with an affiliate and it will cut into your profits. Besides, your affiliates would like to recommend products that provide them with an adequate commission for their efforts.

To set a fair price, you must understand the cost structure of e-books. ClickBank claims a cut of the profits, say five dollars. The affiliates who will be selling your e-book will claim another 40 to 50% in commissions. Make sure that your commission is generous, as this will encourage affiliates to promote your book.

As an ebook author, be sure you choose a price that reflects the meaty content you've included. Then, be generous with your affiliate commission and offer at least forty percent of the sales price. Hey, it's a downloadable ebook and you have very little production costs, if any. Then, your affiliates are happy and will spend more time promoting your ebook to their list. And you get more money in your pocket because you have an army of sales people telling the world about your ebook.
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