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Use a Website to Sell Your E-book: Part 1

Mar 8, 2008
Students approach me, wondering how to develop a system to sell e-books online. They have big dreams of a massive website, complete with links to online articles, free information, seminar schedules, and more. Unfortunately, that is the wrong approach. Those websites confuse customers and dilute your message, preventing your e-book from selling.

If we can't rely on fancy websites to sell an e-book, what else is there?

At first you want to create a web page that only focuses on this one e-book. A one-page website is the best method of marketing information products. Meaning, this web page will only have one page and the only link on this page is going to be the "Buy it" button that leads people to your shopping cart so that you can collect their money.

Why only one page with one button? If you give people too many choices, then you're going to dilute what you're trying to do. If you go to my web site you're going to find a number of products there. But my big time products, my most potent products each have their own website and there's only one link on these pages that goes to my shopping cart.

Even though your website is simple, it isn't easy. You must write a great title to immediately capture the attention of visitors. You have mere seconds to catch their eye; if you fail, they move on to another website. If you succeed, your e-book will sell. Write a title that defines the problem, that catches their attention and convinces them that you have their solution.

Get their attention quickly with something like, "I was shocked that the average wedding in 2005 cost thirty thousand dollars." Your visitors will start thinking to themselves, "Whoa, I didn't know it cost that much. I better read on to see if there's something I can do about this."

Don't underrate the importance of your title, or headline. This will either grant your visitor's attention or send them yawning to the next site. The only way to sell your e-book is to capture their attention and encourage them to buy.

Writing an amazing headline takes time and effort. Don't skimp on this step if you write an attention-grabbing title, you will easily sell your e-book online. In our next article, I'll tell you the biggest marketing mistake people make when writing, and how you can avoid it. I'll also provide tips and tricks to develop the rest of your website. Join us for Sell Your E-book Online Part 2.
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Stephen Beck shows you how to write an ebook and create a "cash on demand" online business. Marketing information products has never been easier when you watch Steve's video.
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