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What Qualities Must A Leader Have In Managing A Business?

Mar 8, 2008
While there are many qualities that differentiate a leader from the rest of the pack, there are some important ones that are common to most business leaders that help them to manage work and people. These are as follows.

The person with a dream is the most likely to attain success, simply because he or she has a goal to work towards. Someone with the drive and high aspirations will be propelled towards the determination and diligence to make a success of their business. Every great leader, in business and in other fields of life has an objective that they work to achieve and this becomes the driving force that shows others the vision of what can be. This inspires the leader and the people around him or her towards the actions required to make the vision a reality.

Knowledge of the business:-
A sound understanding of the dynamics of the business that they are in is a common quality amongst great business leaders. They learn from books, people and experience to develop a keen sense of the workings and history of their business. While this is essential for any business person, it is an art mastered by leaders that makes them highly successful at their work.

Consistent behavior inspires trust and is the foundation for integrity. The higher or nobler qualities of character such as integrity, concern for people, honesty work only when applied with consistency. The people who look to leaders for guidance or inspiration do so because they believe that a leader will give the right answer every time. This is possible only through consistency of thought and action.

Good listening skills:-
All the soft skills are important for a leader but one of the most essential leadership skills in business management is being a good listener. This allows the leaders to pick up on little facts that many overlook. Listening contributes to the knowledge base of the individual as opposed to speaking, which only imparts knowledge to others. The leader is also able to inspire confidence and attract people to him or her because they know the leader is listening.

A good deal of being a leader is to think on your feet. Your situation and environment change constantly in the business world and a good business leader keeps an open mind. A leader will adapt quickly to new information and have the creativity and vision to handle change.

Ability to own up to mistakes:-
A leader manages problem situations by owning up to mistakes and taking the blame in place of trying to cover mistakes up or pass the buck. This is a sign of true integrity and inspires others to stand by him or her in a time of crisis. If a leader were to try and cover up the mistake, people would respond in an angry, indignant manner and he or she would lose all the trust and power vested in him/ her.

Decision-making skills:-
A strong business leader is decisive and has the courage to stand by the decision taken. This is the hallmark of all great managers and leaders.
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