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Don't Travel Have Your Meeting From Home Or Office: Use Go To Meeting.com

Mar 8, 2008
Have you ever wished you could train your employees, conduct seminars, present information and service your clients all from the comfort of your office and without the expense of travel? Do you find yourself annoyed with the merry go round of emails typical of a "conversation" or other collaborative efforts? Do you worry about the security of your email, personal and business information? If all of these things cause you concern maybe you should explore Go to Meeting.com.

Using Go to Meeting you can meet anytime, anywhere and to discuss, collaborate, train, educate or present information to both your clients, business contacts, and you're your friends. It is on online resource that allows computer to computer screen viewing in a safe and secure environment, while meeting in real time, with technology which allows the attendees to view any application running on your PC. Meetings may be scheduled or occur as needed. "Webinars" web based seminars for groups of up to 1000 participants are available from this resource also.

Go to Meeting is easy to use. You simply set up your account, set up the system on your computer (in a matter of moments) and then issue your invitations to a meeting. You may even be on a phone call and decide that is a perfect time to share information and within moments be logged into your account and meeting with your client or coworker. There is no downloading of software.

This online resource is very safe and secure. It used industry standard SSL and U.S. government standard 128 AES encryption as well as the being "firewall friendly." There is no need for network administrators to make changes to your networking system in order to use this service, thus keeping your system safe from threats such as viruses or spyware that may be able to access the network when changes are made.

Every person and business has concerns regarding meeting the security of meeting online and allowing access to the screen of their computer. Go to Meeting provides all the services necessary to protect the security of your computer, the participants and your computer. In addition to encryption technology it provides additional security through several other methods.

First, presenters and attendees will be required to utilize passwords and authentication codes to protect against uninvited "guests" to your meeting. Control over the keyboard, mouse and screen are maintained by the presenter, keeping the remainder of his or her computer information secure. There are limits placed on the applications to be viewed and in use. This maintains the attention of the attendees as well as limits the information to only that which you choose to allow to be seen on your screen. There is a security time out featured. Inactivity on the system for 30 minutes and the meeting is closed, as a standard feature. However, initiators of the meeting may choose a different period of time to "time out."

Several magazines and professional journals including PC World, CNET News, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today have featured Go to Meeting. Two years running, it was awarded PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award. Customer support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a chat feature, email or via telephone. A free trial is available for 30 days with up to 15 attendees.

Using Go to Meeting online resource is an efficient, secure and cost effective method of conducting business. The cost of one month of online unlimited on line meetings is $49.00 or one year may be purchased at a discounted price, totaling $468.00. On line seminars or "Webinars" are $99.00 a month or an annual plan for $948.00.

This method of meeting is one of the most secure for transmitting and sharing information. It is much safer than email, which can contain spyware or viruses as well as cause other threats to your personal, business or corporate information. Tracking information as well as other threats to the security of your computer and personal information can occur. However, using GotoMeeting.com can limit the information that is available or shared as well as allowing you to make sure that the information is viewed only by the intended person or group. Misuse of your information can affect you personally and professionally. The using of a meeting service such as Go to Meeting, limits the information that comes in and goes out from your computer and by doing so makes you and your information that much safer from misuse, protects against infiltration of threats such as viruses and spyware as well as saves you and your business money on travel expenses. Try Go to Meeting for thirty days free and see if it is the right meeting and presentation resource for you and your business.
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