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How To Make Money From Clickbank

Mar 8, 2008
Making Your First Clickbank Sale needn't be a hard task. You can make it as easy or hard as you want it. I make thousands of dollars every year from Clickbank and I have found formulae for repeated success.

There is a process to making money from Clickbank, which I will show you in this article. Like everything else, this process has to be tweaked and improved upon to make it the best it can be and to give you the desired results. You will find your own way but what I outline below will give you the basic process I use.

The process of making money

The process of making money from Clickbank can be broken down as follows:

* The psychology of wealth - You really have to be open to receiving money and believing that you can make money. The more you believe the harder you will try. The less you believe the quicker you will fail. This is not some airy-fairy nonsense, it is fact and the quicker you accept this the quicker you will make money.

* Being organized - Being organized is crucial if you are going to make a living from Clickbank. You wouldn't go on holiday and leave everything to chance would you, you would get your book tickets, book your airline, make sure your passport is organized, buy some clothes, book time off work etc, and so it is with affiliate marketing. You need to be organized and know what is working and what is not working.

* Pick a product - Choose a product from the marketplace at Clickbank and research your competition. To research your competition just type the keywords into the Google search bar and that will give you an indication of how much competition you have.

* Create a landing page - You need a landing page, which is a soft sales page telling people what's good about the Clickbank product you are promoting. It is not a full blown sales page and never make the mistake of writing one as such, the sales letter is for that. Have some nice graphics, possibly a video to make your landing page more appealing. This is not hard to do even for the most technically challenged.

* Open a Google and Yahoo ad account - Essential if you want quick traffic to your landing page. Yahoo can be a lot less expensive but Google will get you the bigger amount of traffic.

* Run an ad - As above but be sure to test and teak the ad as you go along. Good keywords can be your saviour.

* Tweak - tweak, tweak tweak, always keep tweaking

* Repeat - Rinse and repeat. When you find a winning formulae go with it

That's it. A very simple process and yet most people think there is a secret to it. The secret is that there is no secret.

There are people making thousands of dollars every day through Clickbank because they know how the formulae works. Now you know you can also start making money from Clickbank. You will not get anywhere if you don't take action so go make Your First Clickbank Sale.
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Steven Aitchison makes thousands of dollars every year by promoting Clickbank products. His eBook 'Your First Clickbank Sale' shows you exactly how he does it with 10 videos and an eBook.
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